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  1. thats great to know thank you, i just ordered 4 pounds of cfe and 4 lbs silhouette from a local guy who said he can get me the powder so keeping my fingers crossed! i'm going to load these up and get these through the crono to compare. with the cfe what primers were you using? thinking about starting with cci 500
  2. thanks for the help but I'm up in NY so that makes every thing a lot harder for me. I'm going to be using 124 gr hp, spoke with a few guys and they recommend the silhouette, also read good things about the cfe... think i'm going to be testing little of both....
  3. thank you very much!i can't wait to get these loads tested through this gun, i seen some videos and reviews on cfe, just trying to get my hands on some
  4. hey guys i love this topic getting some great info from everyone thank you! My question is if anyone has any feedback or info on ram shot silhouette? looking for a starting point and primer to make 9major pf. going to be running it through a CK thunder open 9major gun. thanks again!
  5. hey guys I'm looking for some guidance on loading 9mm major. i have a chance to pick up some ram shot silhouette and wanted to see if anyone has any data on silhouette major loads and any what would be the best primers to run? right now i have remington 1 1/2 and cci 500 and federals, i can get my hands on remington 5 1/2 which i think has a thicker wall so i believe this would be a lot better with the 9major. please let me know if i'm heading in the right direction, thank you p.s loading this for my open ck thunder in 9mm major
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