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  1. Outstanding!! I bet it "is" a fun range gun ...how much does it weigh in it's current configuration??
  2. I missed that also. So I will say that stage 4 is different from the other 3. I blew it ... got too excited looking for a reason to bring the 627. edit: with all this "6 round" stuff going on ... I am afraid my 627 will become a USPSA gun only ... (I think a 6 round moon clip gun ... especially one with 45acp is going to be a lot easier to reload than the 8 rounders). Plus ... even at 600 fps my loads will be way over required PF. I own a model 10 too ... if TK cut it for clips it would save picking up a pile of brass every stage ... plus I could go to the line with more ammo!!
  3. OK ... I was getting all jacked up thinking back to last year ... but then I read the introduction in this package and it explains why the stages are similar (so they can all be created on one bay with a minimal amount of effort ... while all your folks are waiting to shoot the next stage... etc ...). Sooooooooo ... is OK ... makes sense I guess. Have to appreciate the effort to produce/present something like this and feedback is feedback ... nothing wrong with that!! I thought I saw a "saved" reload for 8 shots when looking initially but I got that all wrong. (can't read) ... edit: never mind ...
  4. I bought some federal sp primers from these folks a few months ago and noticed they were selling plated (and plain lead) bullets??? I had never heard of them before and at first thought they just might be reselling Berry's or something and then I notice the price. I am planning on trying 1K on my next bullet run but haven't done it yet or any serious (feedback) research either. http://www.thebulletworks.net/10-40-180-PL-RN-FP-p/133180.htm
  5. I'm with you ... I don't like the loose fit of the 40 in my 45acp holders either ... but ... I noticed even in factory boxed ammo (40) they laying half tilt in those holders too. I got real excited when you mentioned the 38 boxes as I had not tried it ... but ... just tried an MTM 38/357 case and no 40s are going in there.
  6. This!! Easy to fit ... and ... bet you wouldn't have a bit of trouble selling an L frame Apex hammer when you decided you didn't want it anymore (fits frame firing pin K frames too). Or (like mentioned) pickup an extra MIM and cut it (you don't really want a thumb pad hanging out there while trying to do da only ... someone would likely attempt to slip hammer the gun ... or see what would happen if they pulled back on it hard enough). Revo guys/girls have "higher standards" right??!?? If you do it nice no one will ever want to put the original hammer back in.
  7. I was looking at their web site and they say they use "creative" packaging to protect their bullets because they are soft lead. Anyhow ... it shows a standing 10% discount for competitive shooters and that makes the prices (that I saw) cheaper than many other "usual" sources (despite "all the extra stuff going on"). edit: makes the >>> 40 cal <<< bullets cheaper anyhow ... (wonder why the pricing spread between 9mm and 40???)
  8. The grip panels that came on my 16.40 (5/15) look like they are VZ Operators (described in the literature that accompanied the gun as VZ G10) ... The VZ site shows 3 different styles offered for these guns. https://vzgrips.com/gun-grips/para-ordinance
  9. I apparently don't have permission to post a "link" (read that somewhere) ... but try this thread ... it helped me fit a new trigger a couple of times (great photos ... explains chamfering the tip of the sear etc). I tried the following and it got me to the thread - google "trigger reset on S&W model 10-11" - you should see a reference to a sear article on the S&W forum ... as I said ... it got me out of trouble a couple of times and I keep it around for reference. edit: http://smith-wessonforum.com/s-w-revolvers-1980-present/284871-trigger-reset-s-w-model-10-11-a.html Figured it out!!
  10. Mine was like Garmil's ... Ordered a boss holster hanger ... got an email back almost immediately confirming what I wanted ... a few hours later shipping confirmation and tracking number. I have the "Edge" thing at Brownells (free shipping etc) but that is often a week ... and now use Shooter's Connection (adding BStoeger to that list now) when I want it like right now.
  11. I have received two different (BladeTech) revolver holsters in the past in the same week (one was even a custom length for a 627 vcomp ... had to send them a photo with a ruler laying next to the gun etc) ... but a recent order had me worried. It was for a Para pro custom ... took one month to the day (arrived june 2015). Guess it really depends on how busy they are ... what you want.
  12. Oh yeah ... if you take the mag well off everything fits. If you put the Dawson extended basepad on the SPS 140 it holds 23 rounds!! (I can't believe I am telling this as it doesn't look unusual ... and it isn't legal ... but ... heck ... sometimes on a Thursday night steel match you might just want to have a little fun with your buddies that are shooting limited with those 9mm XDMs and rubbing it in about how many rounds they have!!). edit: (sorry ... lot of talking here ...) - you can find those factory basepads at EGunparts ... and ... recently ... I had ordered some STI mags from Brownells for a friend (intended to go into a "real" STI 2011). I kept hearing a bunch of stuff about the slot height on the mag and such and just wanted to see for myself. I took the mag catch out of my gun and inserted the factory and the SPS mags (as far as they would go) and the slot lined up perfectly in the window (looking in the hole on the right side of the removed mag catch). I inserted the STI and it lined up perfectly as well. I put the catch back in and inserted and released one of the STI mags several times and it "seemed" just like the others. Soooooooo ... I didn't shoot any bullets with the STI mag but it sure did pass the snap in and release test just fine.
  13. The two magazines that came in the box with my 16.40 (purchased early this May) actually hold 17 rounds ... no problem ... easily reloadable. With the Dawson extended base pads on them they will hold 20 reloadable easily ... 21 if you put the Arredondo spring/follower in there but I could force one every once and a while (just checking to see if I was at the bottom) and turn it into a salt shaker so I put the stock guts back in. The problem is ... (at least for both of mine) is that they are a just a tad to long to fit into the 140 length gauge (using EGW gauge from Shooter's Connection ... they had one in stock at the time I was looking). I picked up a mag for a 45 ... adjusted the lips (read vice) ... and use it with one of the stock basepads for an easy 16 rounds (those stages where you need to shoot six and reload etc). With the Dawson extended basepad on that one it fits the gauge nicely (it is about 1.5mm shorter than the factory 40 mags that came with mine). Soooooooo ... while waiting for the MBX to be available I picked up two SPS 140s ... (the ones for the MAC3011) ... one from GrabaGun and one from Target Sports USA. Those come with a wedge basepad on them (with the push out pin) and hold 18 no biggie ... but they won't fit the gauge with the wedge pad on them. I added the 11 coil Grams spring/follower kit along with the 4mm Grams basepad on them (the STI stuff) and they hold 20 easily reloadable. If you do the math ... by the time I bought the mag for 60ish w/ shipping and put the Grams stuff in there ($50) I am right where I would be if I bought the MBX mags (which I plan to do ... get two more now that they are available). There is nothing wrong with the SPS mags though ... they are nice. I plan on sliding the factory basepads back on the factory mags for "real" USPSA matches (and use them as the dump mags ... short round count starts) and/or leave the extended basepads on for steel night ... steel challenge .. practice etc.
  14. Sounds like you "might" be running a much heavier main (hammer) spring than necessary (factory is often 23lbs ... where a 19, 17 or even a 15 gets the job done ... and greatly affects the effort to rack the slide ... and will even lighten your trigger pull a bit). Just a thought ... as you didn't elaborate on your configuration.
  15. I just did two mags (SPS that I use in my Para) last week ... after reading about it here. They were kinda shinny anyhow ... but I dropped one at a time in an empty vibrator tumbler with my usual "lizard litter" load (walnut) and a couple of drops of nu-finish car polish for about 3 hours. ... just the bodies and they came out noticeably shinier. I suspect it is all cosmetic but I like it ... they feel nice ... When I see someone looking at them and thinking they are admiring them ... they are probably "really" thinking "what an idiot/fng ... he is polishing his mags" ... sigh ...
  16. Hello from Phoenix!! First ... a big "Thank You!!" as I have been watching and benefiting from these forums for a long time. Recently I have started trying to shoot a revolver in USPSA and ICORE and ... as a result ... I have also started preparing a Para 16.40 (as a frustration outlet ... cause it holds a lot more bullets!!).
  17. I bought a new 16.40 pro custom at the beginning of May and the recoil spring I took out of it measured 16lbs (using my recoil measuring tool ... tube/rod type etc).
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