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  1. 10 minutes ago, motosapiens said:

    > snip <

    Do you see any evidence that mr Valentine is making any significant effort to make people aware of his candidacy?

    Yes ... he did the "Practical Shooting after Dark" interview. I'm glad I watched that. A lot of interesting things were discussed (w/o ... regard to any bearing on the election).

    IMHO it was a opportunity to briefly examine the demeanor/attitude of the candidate as well. 

    I have to say ... the USPSA elections are the only ones where I have received an email announcing an election w/o any mention of the candidates or issues to be decided by the election (and no link to discover that information).

  2. The Valentine interview ("Practical Shooting after Dark - Episode 50") brings out some great points ... such as rule changes on the fly / member benefits ... etc ... bunch of stuff.

    It was very interesting to watch just to see what some of these "issues?" were really about. Makes you think about "what you think" and if they are issues or not.

    Easy to dust off but becomes kinda mandatory when other channels of information are suppressed or non-existent.    

  3. 11 minutes ago, B585 said:

    > snip <

    3.  On Ben's podcast, you can hear an interview with Mike Valentine. 

    > snip <

    +1 - Struggling to find candidate info ... I stumbled on this interview (on their "Practical Shooting after Dark" channel) and I am glad I did.

    I didn't think it was going to be too much  ... but ... it wasn't long into the interview I started to do the "oh yeah ... now that you mention it" thing ... 🙄  

  4. 54 minutes ago, rwmagnus said:

    Nice drill. Can I start at point blank range? I'll have to try this one.

    Yeah .. start at 3yds ... them move out to 5 ... and so on ...  

    IIRC ... in one of his class reviews I read ... (Stoeger) ... he started everyone out at 5yds. 

  5. On 5/30/2019 at 6:09 AM, obsessiveshooter said:

    > snip <

    But seriously, if .40 died and we all had to buy brass from Starline to keep shooting our .40 Limited Major pistols, at that point I think a change would be in order.

    > snip <

    If .40 becomes as rare as 38 super, what changes would you want to see?  

    Just wanted to note ... If you actually had to buy your brass (new) from Starline ... they sell 38 super and 38 super comp both for less than they sell 40 s&w ... 

    AND .. they sell 38 special (a competition biggie ... not!!) for less than all of the above??!?

    I don't even pick up my 40 brass anymore ... and feel bad when someone does ... and then chases me down to make sure I get it (of course ... when that happens ... I take it w/ a smile and make sure they know I appreciate it).  

    Knowing what I know now ... if I were just starting ... I would buy 9mm ...mail order ... in bulk ... shoot it and let it lie (seems to be getting very inexpensive).

    Go shoot ... go home and watch TV .. no reloading ... no picking up brass. 😃  

  6. 1 hour ago, ffl said:

    I would be leary of that.  when I was membership dir we used a different processor.  I was just making sure that someone did not hack the processor or link info we used before.


    Well ... if I have been hacked ... and I don't receive the ("gold ICORE") pin ... (or the free "taco bell on match day" coupon book) they promised ... in the mail ... in <60 days ... I will just complain to my credit card company and they will put 25 big ones back into my account!! 😬  

  7. 52 minutes ago, AzShooter said:

    Anyone can shoot.  You just have to be an ICORE member to win a prize.


    That's the way it's been.  Check.  It may have changed.

    OK ... I see there is no entry of class (at registration) ... You only select an ICORE division to participate. Master, C or Unclassified ... no matter.

    AND ... It doesn't say it is an ICORE Revolver Championship ... just a Revolver Championship ... so it appears it is just an open revolver match that happens to be using ICORE rules.

    No requirement to be an ICORE member.  

    OK .. Got it! Thanks ...    

  8. Usually ... live ammo isn't allowed in the safe area.

    If you have a gun sleeve ... you can leave your ammo/magazines in your range bag and not take the entire range bag to the safe area.

    Put on your belt wherever you like ... Remove the gun (in it's sleeve) from  your range bag and go to the safe area. 

    Holster your gun ... practice your draw ... what ever and when you are done leave the safe area ... put the sleeve back in your range bag.

    At the end of the day ... sit  your range bag down somewhere ... remove all ammo/magazines and throw in the range bag. 

    Take your sleeve (only) to the safe area and bag it.

    Leave the safe area. 

    Take off your belt/holster where ever  you like.

    IMHO ... 😶


    On 5/15/2019 at 2:19 AM, sleepdoc said:

    Does anyone have a 650 with the inline fab ergo roller handle and 9" ultra mount and able to measure the height of the handle from bench top? 

    Yep ... I have both ... AND ... the center of the roller handle (at rest) is 16 1/4 inches above the bench top. 


  10. Oh boy ... sigh ... 🙄


    OK ... who has been practicing shooting stages w/ their rimfire revolver (not steel challenge).

    Just curious how the brass has been falling right out of those cylinders ... and those speed loaders are working ... (or do they make moon clips for 617s now??).   

  11. 1 minute ago, MWP said:



    There is a huge advantage to 8 over 6, especially in icore. In fact that’s the largest difference the game has ever seen. We’ve talked about this 1000 times: from 2 shooters the same level, 6 round guns don’t have a chance against 8s. 


    No one is saying L6 would become major, this survey is to add a 5th, 6th and 7th division. 

    Well ... some of what I said was in jest .. but ... I have a 5 inch 627 and I love shooting it ... AND ... it gets real frustrating when so often ... all you see at matches are the silly setups that go out of their way to over compensate for 6 round guns. 

    The 6 target ... triple tap ... limited shot arrays ... stuff like that. 

    At my last match one of the stages had you starting in a box in front of two targets (about 5 feet away) ... you had to put three rounds on each ... Then you ran about 10 yards and stood in another box and had to put three rounds on two targets. From the second position you "could have" put a pair on some targets in the next shooting area ... BUT ... you had to be "in that shooting area" to engage any of those targets (per stage description). 

    The whole match they pretty much locked you down (by stage design) to keep the extra shots (in your 8 shot revolver) from being anything more than insurance for a "fail to fire",

    That's what I see at ICORE ... Am I an exception??

    Not the case in USPSA ... 8 shot is the way to go there (IMHO) ...  

  12. 9 minutes ago, Bosshoss said:

    The Survey needed more details.

    > snip <

    Said yes to snubby but also commented on survey that what is the definition of a snubby?

    > snip <

    Needed more info to make a decision and a thread like this to discuss it before the survey was sent.

    Eggzactly!! 😐

    When you read the question it was like something smacked you in the back of the head and made  you think ... "Hmmm ... why am I feeling they might NOT be talking about 5 shot J frames." 

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