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  1. I know nothing of how the gun works; there could be elves inside throwing bullets for all I know... I just like to put holes in things.
  2. Disregard... Google says it can be normal on comp trigger jobs. Must've not noticed it before.
  3. Anyone else ever have this issue? My other SP01 Shadow and my 75b only engage when the hammer is cocked.
  4. Yes!!!This is what I needed. Much appreciated, Hi-Power Jack Only problem is my square range only goes out to 60 feet...
  5. What's an acceptable target to aim for at that distance and how big should it be?
  6. I have some USPSA practice targets that have an A printed on them in the middle of the A zone. I could aim for that. I could also color in a target dot, but how big should I make it?
  7. I've never had a pistol with adjustable sights until I got a Shadow from Automatic Accuracy. I tried searching the forum for zero methods but didn't get much back. At 20 yards I'd like to have a 6 o'clock hold so the sight doesn't obscure the target. My question: How should I zero? Freehand or pistol rest? Should I aim at a Shoot N C target bullseye or should I just use a USPSA practice target that has a printed "A" and aim for that?
  8. It's been a few months since I've posted, but I have made progress. I've been working on shot calling and also have been consciously waiting to "see what I need to see" before I pull the trigger. I've been listening to Steve Anderson's podcast and a few things really stuck out. I was trying to shoot above my current showing ability. I was rushing shots trying to get quick split times rather than surrendering to my sights and waiting for an acceptable sight picture. I shot a classifier match this past weekend and told myself I would call every shot. Now I know it was just a classifier match, no real stages, but somehow I came in 4th overall and 2nd in Production. I even pulled off a stage win. The last classifier of the match was an El Pres variation that included SHO and WHO strings. It felt like an eternity waiting for my sights to settle; i could see my hand shaking and the sights bouncing all around and I thought "Man, I'm sure this looks like the slowest any shooter has ever shot before in the history of shooting!" Well, I was patient, and wound up getting the second fastest time and the highest score. This was a huge morale boost and I'm more anxious than ever to get practicing. Oh, and after doing the math, my initial classification will be C class. I'm pleased with that and I do think it represents my ability at this point.
  9. My two SP01 Shadows. The left is one is a worked-over SP01 I just bought from Automatic Accuracy. I really wanted a Duo Tone but they are kinda hard to find right now, so Mink suggested cerakote to cut the wait time. This is my new Production gun. The right is a bone stock SP01 Shadow that is now my backup Production gun.
  10. I'm cleaning my Sp01 Shadow and I noticed this edge (indicated by the q-tip) Is this machined this way or did the corner somehow break off?
  11. Hey Kevin, I'm in Cleveland too and recently picked up a Shadow. I'm going to the ARO match next Saturday, maybe I'll see you there.
  12. I'm probably switching to the CZ SP01 Shadow. I've been shooting a G17 and 34 but the new gun bug bit me. I picked up a Shadow from Oak Hill and have been shooting it non stop. My split times are getting better and the gun seems to track better. It might be "the new girlfriend" effect of trying something new, but I think I'm going to stick with it for the rest of the year and see how I do.
  13. Just curious, how many platforms have you gone through in your USPSA career?
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