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  1. 3 gun charity match. When: 25Aug2018 / Where: Topton Fish and Game Association 6 stages, about 210 rounds. $100 entry fee benefits the One Wish Foundation. http://www.onewishfoundation.org/ Our Mission Statement: The One Wish Foundation provides children with life-altering medical or social conditions the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime outdoor adventure. First shots by 9am. Food, drinks (beer/soda) and entertainment to follow with a PRIZE TABLE. This is a unique, fast paced 3 gun match. Have you ever wanted a mulligan on a stage? Well, you have a chance to buy one during this match. Donations and money raised during the event go to the One Wish Foundation. Any questions, please reach out to Rich Yoder. yoderselectric@yahoo.com Sin City Application-2018.docx
  2. The 2nd annual 2017 Sin City Shootout Sunday, Sept 24th at Topton Fish and Game A charity 3gun match benefitting The One Wish Foundation, at least 70% of the proceeds from this match will be going to the charity. The One Wish Foundation is a 100% non-profit organization located in Berks County Pa. OWF helps children with terminal illnesses as well as our wounded veterans get to go on outdoor trips of a lifetime. Last year we raised over $5,000 for the One Wish Foundation. This match will consist of 6 fun fast paced stages. We are accepting 72 shooters. After the match there will be food and entertainment in the clubhouse on the premises. A prize table will be done in the afternoon following the match. Extra guests may be brought with for $20 a head which can be paid at the door as long as we have email confirmation ahead of time. Detailed round count will be posted closer to time of match $100 Entry Fee Contact Yoderselectric@yahoo.com if you have any questions. Thank You Sin City Application (1).docx
  3. awesome. I'll try removing material from the safety very slowly. Thanks for everyone who responded.
  4. okay - so, remove material from the safety and not the trigger tail?
  5. Shot a shooters rifle that had an AR gold trigger. Really liked the feel so I decided to give it a try. But I'm having slight fitment issues. The lower previously has had a RRA 2 stage trigger, and a S3G trigger in it...I have also tried the AR gold trigger in a different lower with the same outcome. So I'm pretty sure my lower is in spec. My safety is not flipping from safe to fire easily. Almost like something is rubbing on the gold tail portion of the trigger. Note: I've tried 3 different stock safety selectors, a seekins precision short throw and a magpul short throw selector. All with the same results. Any of you shooters that run this trigger had to "fit" your trigger. I checked out their website and could not find the gunsmith installation notes that they mentioned.
  6. still some spots left for anyone wanting to shoot a match on 24Sep. The prize table for the match is looking good and you are helping out a great cause.
  7. Odd that you say about the barrel throat. I've had a few instances when unloading to show clear at the end of a stage; is was a little more difficult than I thought it should be to rack the slide back while a round was still in the chamber (with a DVC).
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPP2j7xnmFU Very easy to do - here is a video of Dave installing a new mag catch (in case yours is not tapped for a button). I do not use a button so I would not have one to recommend. There are plenty out there. STI, dawson lo mo pro, etc.
  9. I use an old Hornady vibratory tumbler with a little Flitz for posishing. It works fine for getting them clean. I think a media separator can help cut the minimal dust down. I was just shaking the brass through the supplied grate in the Hornady tumbler to start and noticed a little dust. Once I started using the media separator, I noticed much less. Cabelas now makes a rotary brass/media separator - have not tried it, but you get two tools for one.
  10. Mine has ran great so far, although this is my first 2011 so my eye for fit and finish may not be the best. I plan on handing it off to some fellas that have been around them longer when we start our practices up next week. Coming from an M&P, I was really happy with the purchase; but after reading so many complaints I often have wondered if I should have went with the CK Arm Thunder limited instead.
  11. I tried the VDI Low Mass and was not able to get the bolt to lock back. I did not try removing the weight in the carbine buffer. Is this a standard practice when using a low mass carrier? My wife is running the VDI in her rifle this year with the Stretch16 and its included fixed block. No issues with the bolt locking back and it was tested with a full mass carbine buffer and then the gutted. The gutted is just less reciprocal mass for less movement Sounds similar to my setup, except I'm running a JP adjustable gas block on the Stretch16. VDI sent me a pre-paid label to send the BCG in for an exchange, so maybe I just was unlucky and ended up with an out of spec carrier. I've tried the VDI is 3 different rifle so far with no luck (2 fixed gas blocks and 1 adjustable). Apologies for hijacking your thread Ponce.
  12. I tried the VDI Low Mass and was not able to get the bolt to lock back. I did not try removing the weight in the carbine buffer. Is this a standard practice when using a low mass carrier?
  13. ^^^ what he said. Throw it on there. It should be fine.
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