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  1. My favorite match! I had to reschedule my sons birthday party so I can attend this year, but I will be there!
  2. No, up to 200 yards, I rarely go above 4x. I'm thinking the 8x may be useful for 400-600 yard targets...
  3. After debating it for over a month, I sent my PA 1-6 to Atibal this morning for the trade in. I loved the reticle in my PA, but I like the idea the extra magnification and not out of pocket any extra funds. Hoping I made the right move. And hoping that it makes it back to me before the 3 man team match on June 10.
  4. Yes, to all of this...no amount of equipment can over compensate for training, practice, and skill. I have heard a 1000 different excuses from buddies as to why they "can't" shoot with us. And, I will never tally up what I have in my 3-gun rigs, I am afraid. But it is cheaper than drag racing .
  5. I started out shooting 3gun with a bone stock M&P rifle and a red dot. Over the last 2 years, piece by piece, I have upgraded almost every part on it, but still within a budget. While I don't expect to win a major match with it anytime soon, I feel I shoot competitive enough to have fun with it. I say for $1K, including optic, a rifle can be built that will more than meet the needs of most of our shooting abilities.
  6. I could see where shooting from a benched position would be easier to replicate shots. But, shouldn't the POI be the same regardless of benched or freehand, as long as sight picture and trigger pull is the same? I have seen new shooters shot low when resting their elbows on a bench, but it is usually due to the fact they don't get their head down far enough to look through the sights instead of over them.
  7. My guess would be he is looking to see where his first shot hit, and therefore looking over the sights on the second shot, sending it low.
  8. Regardless of age or round count, I figured they would replace it for mere reputation. hmm...
  9. That must have been some serious rust...
  10. How did you get a 2.75lb trigger with stock trigger in a M&P?
  11. I have a CED 8000, and it is a little too bulky. I would rather have the CED 7000.
  12. http://mailchi.mp/atibalsights/have-an-old-1-6x-from-a-competing-brand-trade-it-in-for-the-atibal-xp8-1-8x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I mainly shoot 3-gun, but seem to struggle with this monthly. I love shooting my pistol with rmr on it, but doing so puts me in open class, and I shoot a couple of matches a year that are limited to tac only. So, I end up shooting open half the year and tac the other. I could probably do better if I would commit, and focus, on one or the other.
  14. Welcome from Somerset, KY. I'm assuming your going to shoot at BGSL. Seems to be some good people to learn from there.
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