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  1. My experience mirrors Bidah's. I shot the XDm 5.25, but moved to a 2011 about a year and a half ago. I'm not worthy of the 2011...yet, but I wasn't worthy of the XDm either. Maybe I'll get there one day.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was talking with a buddy yesterday and I misunderstood him apparently. He wants to START an obstacle course/2-gun or 3-gun type match. I'm not exactly sure what he's thinking since he hasn't attended any competition matches, but he asked me if that type of match exists locally since he knows I do quite a bit of 3-gun. I know of nothing like that within a 2 hour radius of Knoxville and really don't know if anything like that exists. photoracer, I know of the MGM Ironman East competition you're talking about as I hope to shoot it next year. I think he wants more physical obstacles involved, but I need to pick his brain to really find out what he's thinking about. I know he's an avid crossfitter, so maybe he's thinking about something like American Ninja Warrior mixed with some shooting...who knows. I need to get more info from him.
  3. That's disappointing. I was thinking about 2017, but got more info? Edit to add: I just looked on the Practiscore website and it said registration is closed, but nothing was said about the match being canceled. Also checked the Peacemaker site and nothing is mentioned about Ironman East being canceled.
  4. Mechanic, it's been a while, but I'd like to answer your question and get your thoughts if you catch this thread...or replies from anyone. I'm loading 149 power factor because I want to get ready for the MGM Ironman East and I want to be able to hit the spinner targets with authority and send them over with 2 or 3 solid hits. I've never actually shot them, so I don't really know what it takes. Since I THINK that's what it will take, that's what I'm loading to shoot all the time to get accustomed to the recoil. I hope I'm not loading so hot that I'll damage my pistol. I couldn't find load data for the components I'm using, so I was told by a technician at Ramshot to pick a load between the 124 and 147 and start there. I started at 4.8 grains, then went to 5.0 and settled on 5.2. Please feel free to tell me if my thinking is off base since I've never had the opportunity to shoot an MGM spinner.
  5. The type of competition I'm wondering about would be a mix of 2-gun (pistol/rifle) or maybe 3-gun if guns can be pre-staged rather than carried the entire time and an obstacle course. Does that type of competition exist anywhere? I've seen where there are competitions that mix 2-gun and a 5K race which might be close.
  6. Not to be picky, but I hope you mean 1.145" for OAL rather than 1.45". If you go with what you listed, the round won't fit in your gun. Garmil sounds right also. That does seem light. I load a 135 Black Bullets over 5.2 grains of Silhouette to get a 149 power factor. A bit high for competition, but your load sounds really light in comparison.
  7. Shoulda made your username......."Barney". Good advice for a match double check received.
  8. I have both the 1-4 power and the 1.5-6 power and MUCH prefer the 1.5-6 power scope. It's a full size scope, so it's heavier, but the reticle works better for me in that power range. The extra magnification also helps quite a bit for those targets that are farther out. The illumination isn't great for daytime, but why would you need illumination on a bright day?
  9. OK, I'm going to revive this thread since I've done some testing and am happy with some results. I loaded the 135 grain Black Bullets over 4.8 grains of Silhouette powder, 5.0 and 5.2 grains. I tweaked the COAL to 1.145-1.150" so that they would all "plunk" test in the STI barrel and the XDm barrel. I learned that I can load longer in the STI barrel than the XDm. The cutoff for the XDm was 1.15". If the round was longer, it wouldn't pass. The 5.0 grains of powder grouped nicely vertically, but was WAY left horizontally...so far left, I ran out of adjustment on the sights. I went up to the 5.2 grains and it shot perfectly horizontally, but was stringing vertically at 15 yards. I had a few left, so I tested at 20 yards and 7 yards. The stringing was more pronounced at 20 yards and shot high (predictably), but the surprising results were at 7 yards...1 hole with 10 rounds directly on target. Does that make any sense? Is there something I can play with for the vertical stringing at distance? I absolutely can't exceed 1.150" COAL because I want the rounds to work reliably in both pistols if I need to switch pistols for some reason. Another question I have is limits. I've chronographed the rounds and they are a very nice average of 1106 FPS which produces a power factor of 149. Do you think there is more room for increasing the load beyond 5.2 grains of Silhouette under a 135 grain coated bullet?
  10. I'll likely be traveling from Tennessee to New Mexico for a school and will have weekends off. A co-worker who is going with me is from New Mexico and we both enjoy shooting long range. I'm lucky to get a 500 yard range, so New Mexico will surely be a challenge. My rig includes a suppressor, so I'm wondering how I'm supposed to transport this suppressor legally. Do I check it with my rifle or am I supposed to carry it with me for carry-on? Will the airline allow me to carry-on since it's a 9.5" metal tube? If you don't know the answer, do you know where I can go and find out? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  11. I read an article a while back debating this very thing. A lot of the military snipers admit that civilian PRS shooters are better for purely shooting because they may get more practice, have better equipment and handload ammo. The military sniper gets mass produced ammo handed to him, may get to make a few mods to his rifle but ultimately, it's US government property and a lot of their training is something other than shooting.
  12. My go to recipe is: 2.825" COAL 44.5 grains Varget 175 SMK WCC brass Federal 210M primer If I remember correctly, the muzzle velocity was in the range of 2700 FPS from a 1:11.25 twist, 24" barrel. I need to chrono again as it's been a long time since I've tested the speed. It's a solid 3/4 MOA recipe out of my rifle.
  13. Sloboataz, I checked Steve's page and his #5 rule (which he was very adament about) specifically mentioned his reloading info did NOT apply to coated lead bullets, which Black Bullets International are. Having said that, his range for a 130 grain bullet went from 4.6-6.1 grains of Silhouette. Not bad since I was figuring between 4.8-5.1 grains using Ramshot loading data. It seems I was in the neighborhood. The reason I've chosen the 135 BBI bullet is because some very experienced 3-gun shooters at my local club use them, so I'm going to give them a try. I have NOT ruled out the 147 though. The 135 is just where I'm starting.
  14. Jack, you're probably right that it's not that difficult to send bullets through a chronograph and then onto a target, but I REALLY want to give an honest effort to shooting as accurately as I can without worrying about hitting the chronograph. Shooting a pistol from a benched position will also be a new experience for me. With so many new experiences, I'm gonna take it slow. I figure it'll take more time at the range, but is spending more time at the range really ever a bad thing? I don't really have a PF in mind because I'm testing with a 135 grain projectile that I can't find data for, so I don't really know what's possible. I know I want it to hit hard so that I won't have to strike a MGM spinner 6 times to send it over. Because Silhouette isn't known for being soft and it was what I could find when powder was hard to find, it's what I'm using.
  15. Thanks for the responses. I kinda figured that 10 rounds wouldn't truly be enough to test accuracy for the pistol. I was trying to be cheap and lazy I guess. Like I said, I'm not trying to make a minor or major power factor, but I do want enough power to knock down steel authoritatively...I'm not trying to make powder puff loads. So does 15-20 rounds shot rested at 20 yards sound like a solid accuracy test for pistol? If they show promise for accuracy, I'll chronograph afterwards. I'm not interested in blazing speed if it doesn't deliver the payload where I want it. I'd like to multitask, but since this is a new endeavor for me, I'll test for accuracy first, then speed.
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