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  1. rhowell309

    Large Brass Dryer

    I use this one. https://www.amazon.com/Excalibur-3900B-Dehydrator-Temperature-Dehydration/dp/B004Z915M4?crid=3KUBB2LNRIHID&keywords=excalibur+dehydrator&qid=1537057703&sprefix=excalibur+&sr=8-3&ref=mp_s_a_1_3
  2. rhowell309

    Federal SPP Shortage

    I can’t get my hopes up too much since they have been in short supply for about 2 years now. Surely it’s not like they have just recently noticed it.
  3. rhowell309

    Dillon 1050 Short Trim Tool Head

    Awesome! Thanks for the info.
  4. I want to start prepping/converting 300BLK brass on my Dillon 1050. I plan on buying a Dillon Short Trim Tool head #62219. Is there any reason that I couldn't or shouldn't use it to trim .223 brass also? I plan on buying a FnF Honey Badger Trim kit for the Bosch router I already own.
  5. rhowell309

    DIY ultrasonic cleaner solution

  6. rhowell309

    DIY ultrasonic cleaner solution

    I don't have a lot of experience but I have cleaned several items with Simple Green Pro HD. Stay away from the standard Simple Green as it will damage Aluminum and many finishes. Pro HD is safe for aluminum, but read the label and do some research regardless of what you choose. I bought it at Lowes and mixed it by the instructions toward the strongest concentration. I'd have to look at my notes for the exact percentage.
  7. rhowell309

    Broke my first Dillon part

    To me the spare parts kit on my 650s are mandatory. I broke two springs in the last 10 days. Down time is measured in minutes instead of days. Dillon has always mailed out replacements.
  8. rhowell309

    Need help identifying a 650 or MBF part

    Thanks Mike!
  9. rhowell309

    Need help identifying a 650 or MBF part

    Thanks! I'll throw it in the spare parts drawer with a note so in 2 years I won't wonder what it is!
  10. rhowell309

    Need help identifying a 650 or MBF part

    Thanks. I'm not sure if I have the old or new one. With a quick look at the webpage and comparing it, it looks the same as what I have.
  11. I bought a used Dillon 650 with a Mr Bullet feeder. I'm finally getting around to putting everything together and I've got a part I can't identify. Anyone recognize it? Aluminum, drilled and tapped. One end is bored and threaded to a larger size. Fine threads. It appears to be a standoff mount of some type. Pics with .40 S&W case for size reference. Thanks!
  12. Depends on your definition of necessary, but it would be my first addition if I did it over again. And IMO, the Inline Fabrication handle is nicer than the Dillion.
  13. rhowell309

    Which style PCC: Glock mags or Colt mags

    I've seen a few people switch from Colt mag guns to dedicated Glock receiver guns. But never the opposite. I'm running Glock mags but have not yet competed in USPSA with it. I've ran it in Steel Challenge without issue using a 41 round magazine.
  14. rhowell309

    My M&P9

    I had to on mine.
  15. rhowell309

    Apex trigger

    No, the flat face trigger is not production legal.