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  1. I run nickeled cases separately without issues. But yes it can cause issues together with brass cases. 1 in a 80-1000, not really. Throw 40-50 in there and you regret it.
  2. The Dawn Platinum formula cause me a few issues. It may be the combination of an extra additive in it and the Lemi Shine. I’m not sure. This is some really dirty brass that had also been wet. I ran this first just to clean it up a bit to keep from killing the value of the rest of my scrap brass. Then I took it in as a project. Decapped it and cleaned it again. It’s about the worse I have tumbled. I missed an aluminum case on the first run. (I wonder how!) But after the first run, I figured I could use some of it. Saved about 90+% of it. Some was corroded enough it left marks which l
  3. 1/4 cup Armor All and ~1/8 tspn of Lemi Shine is what I’m using. Edit This is the exact Armor All car wash product that I am using. I’ve tried two other brands that did not work as well. Blue Coral was one.
  4. 1/4 cup in my Rebel 17 tumbler. It usually has about 4.5-5 quarts of water in it. At first I wax using it only as a final cleaning after rollsizing, Storting, final inspection, etc. But later changed over to only using it. Foams less and rinses easier among with one less bottle sitting on the sink to get knocked off.
  5. I used to use Dawn, but switched to Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax about 3 years ago. Prevents the cases from oxidizing. Brass processed 3 years ago still looks outstanding.
  6. This ^^^^ I ran some of my .40 S&W ammo through my Glock 20 to test. Ran perfect. I loaded a few rounds of the same load data and bullet in 10mm brass and it would not cycle. I had to add about 10% more powder to duplicate the velocity. The case volume made more difference than I expected.
  7. My 22/45 is heavily Volquartsen equipped and runs 100% on CCI mini mags (I prefer 40g CPRN) and Aguila Super Extra HV plated 40g.
  8. I have used and currently own push through bulge buster dies, a case pro 100, and a recently purchase commercial rollsizer. All will give similar result. Only the effort to use them differs. The method the CP uses to drop the cases is a bit clunky. By far the roll-sizer is the easiest and quickest to operate. Your volume of brass will dictate what works best for you.
  9. It’s not even easier to size, it gets the correct results.
  10. I don’t blame you for sticking with it. I just have 2 die-sets for mine. 38 Super. I’ve ran 9mm, super and SC on them. And .40 which I’ve ran 40, 10mm and .357 Sig on.
  11. I just bought a rollsizer to replace my manual case pro. The case pro is great. But my volume of shooting was such that I want to avoid repetitive injuries where I can. So I was on the fence on automating the CP and adding plates or buying the rollsizer and selling the CP I’ll add a few more calibers with the funds from the CP. so far it has been awesome. Much more enjoyable than the 1500 of 10mm rolled on the CP a few weeks ago.
  12. Maybe modify one of these. Most thieves don’t want a portable crapper.
  13. Holy crap! I just put one on my 1050. It is as confusing as it can be. I was thinking "on what planet would you decrease the number to increase the powder amount". Maybe the correct statement should be "on what continent would you decrease the number to increase the powder amount"! IMO, a VERY big FAIL on Alpha's part to make that change. It is a beautiful piece of work and design ruined by this change.
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