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  1. Reload from slide lock? Or, you get penalized for a magazine being discarded and the gun was still loaded. Even if the magazine was empty. I can retain the magazine and freshen a still loaded gun. Or I can reload a fully empty gun and discard the empty magazine. Usually that would be from a slide lock situation but it is not required specifically. I’m asking more than stating as fact since my knowledge in IDPA is limited. USPSA is different and it looks like I’m having a garage sale with magazines from 0-5 rounds laying all over the course without every seeing a slide locked (or empty) gun.
  2. I don’t believe it would comply with the rules. But there would not be any competition advantage over taking a 5” 2.0 and milking the slide, which does comply. If I was going to shoot Carry Optics, that is what I would do. Or buy a 5” Gen 1 CORE. This is for every day carry.
  3. That is a good enough reason! I suggest keeping the 550 to load other calibers or do load development. I still use my 550 and 650 quite a bit to avoid conversion expense and setup time on the 1050s.
  4. Runs like a champ. I put 200 rounds through it this morning, mostly 5 rounds to a magazine to test lock back and release. I think I have a winning combination until (IF) Smith releases a 2.0 CORE compact.
  5. I got it all together tonight. I put it on my stock 2.0 compact frame instead of my one with the Apex. Of the three 2.0s that I have, this one had the best trigger by far before I put the Apex in the worst one. I used the “3rd generation” slide stop which is pre-2.0. I modified it so the frame detent would not engage. Otherwise you have to thumb it to release the slide. This video is pretty good. Although both of my 2.0 compacts had the spring on the original slide stop. My 2.0 Full Size did not have the spring just like the video shows. There are some differences in the way the tab that engages in the slot is cut. For that reason, I thought it was important to install the 1.0 slide stop instead of modifying the 2.0 slide stop. I also wanted to be able to easily return both of these two guns back to stock. Part number fir the slide stop is 424270000 Brownell’s # 940-001-046 Everything functions correctly dry-firing and manipulating it. I’ll live fire it tomorrow.
  6. I’m getting ready to put a factory 1st generation CORE slide on my 2.0 Compact. The extra 1/4” in length is no big deal for me compared to losing 1/2” off the butt.
  7. Buy the bullet feeder for the 650. If/when you decide you “need” a 1050, you can move it over from the 650.
  8. I use this one. https://www.amazon.com/Excalibur-3900B-Dehydrator-Temperature-Dehydration/dp/B004Z915M4?crid=3KUBB2LNRIHID&keywords=excalibur+dehydrator&qid=1537057703&sprefix=excalibur+&sr=8-3&ref=mp_s_a_1_3
  9. I can’t get my hopes up too much since they have been in short supply for about 2 years now. Surely it’s not like they have just recently noticed it.
  10. I want to start prepping/converting 300BLK brass on my Dillon 1050. I plan on buying a Dillon Short Trim Tool head #62219. Is there any reason that I couldn't or shouldn't use it to trim .223 brass also? I plan on buying a FnF Honey Badger Trim kit for the Bosch router I already own.
  11. http://simplegreen.com/products/pro-hd-cleaner-degreaser/
  12. I don't have a lot of experience but I have cleaned several items with Simple Green Pro HD. Stay away from the standard Simple Green as it will damage Aluminum and many finishes. Pro HD is safe for aluminum, but read the label and do some research regardless of what you choose. I bought it at Lowes and mixed it by the instructions toward the strongest concentration. I'd have to look at my notes for the exact percentage.
  13. To me the spare parts kit on my 650s are mandatory. I broke two springs in the last 10 days. Down time is measured in minutes instead of days. Dillon has always mailed out replacements.
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