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  1. They will be available very soon. The first prototypes have been printed and are being tested and so far things are looking good!
  2. Well S&W agreed that it needed to be fixed so it is headed their way now. It's nice not having to pay anything. It might be a while before I get it back though. I was informed they just got back from a 2 week shutdown.
  3. How do you keep the patch from coming out? Might not be a bad idea to use both methods.
  4. I ended up using some RTV silicone and it works perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. After further investigation and some more firing the rubbing is becoming more noticeable and I believe there is actually some defect from the factory. When I first got the revolver I had a lot of light primer strikes but I just figured it needed broken in and it was my reloads. After shooting it more the light primer strikes went away. I now believe the light primer strikes were due to the frame strikes and after a while it rolled the metal out of the way and allowed the hammer to rub less. I've sent S&W an email.
  6. First off thanks to everyone for their awesome help and advice, it is much appreciated. Ok now that everything is back in working order. My hammer is slightly rubbing the right side of the frame. There is a faint rub line on the sideplate where you can tell the hammer is being slightly pulled to the right. When feeling it manually there is zero drag or rubbing. I noticed the hammer is perfect centered once the pressure of the trigger is taken off of it and it slightly tilts to the right once the pressure is reapplied from the trigger.
  7. Brilliant!! I feel stupid for not thinking of that.
  8. Well I guess you live and learn. Oh well it's my first revolver and it just gives it character. Just today I took the side plate off to change the firing pin to an extended one. Before I put it back together I yelled at the wife "want to see what the inside of a revolver looks like!" Naturally I wanted to show her how it worked so I dry fired it twice with the side plate off. It was shortly after this that I noticed the ding and posted on here. I assume it won't affect anything right?
  9. I just got a 929 and I have about 100 rounds through it. So far no issues but I did notice today that it seems like the hammer has been striking the side of the hammer channel a little bit and has actually slightly rolled the metal out on the frame. It may have come like this and I just not noticed it because there doesn't seem to be any rubbing marks on the hammer itself nor has the gun had any issues firing. I just want to know if this is normal or something I should be worried about. I have attached a couple of pictures.
  10. I have some A-zoom snap caps but they don't fit any of my 929 moon clips(I have TK custom and ranch). Anyone have any other suggestions? I put in a Cylinder and Slide extended firing pin and it suggest not dry firing it without snap caps.
  11. I followed your advice and it worked perfectly!! Thank you so much for helping out. I barely bent the mainspring and got the trigger pull down to 9lbs with the 3lb Wilson rebound spring. I also put in an extended firing pin. Yeah talk about going above and beyond.
  12. I just got my 929 and the trigger is about 10lbs but smooth. I purchased a Wilson trigger kit (mainspring and 3 different weight rebound springs(12, 13, and14)). I first installed the Wilson mainspring and 12lb rebound spring. The trigger felt smooth but the reset was sticky and slow. I eventually went up to the 14lb and it helped but it still had a crappy reset. When I went to the range with the Wilson mainspring and 14lb rebound spring I got tons of light primer strikes. Then the trigger went completely dead. I took the gun apart and noticed the mainspring had slipped off the hammer. After further inspection I noticed the Wilson mainspring is much shorter than the factory one which is causing it to slip off. So its back to the factory springs and 10lb trigger. Has anyone else had this problem? Also whats a good spring combination for the 929 to get it to ignite CCI's reliably?
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