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  1. I bought a Sig 320 Legion just for that reason. Didn't want the two different trigger pulls. However, there are plenty good shooter that don't have a problem with the da/sa trigger pull.
  2. I bought a couple button up fishing shirts at Academy. They work good and are comfortable.
  3. I have some 40 brass I need to box up. How many fit in a medium flat rate box? I see some put 2,000 and some put 2,500.
  4. I had a guy tell me once that his dot looked like Tinker Bell on crack.
  5. I also shoot left handed. I changed the mag release to the other side so I could release the mag with my thumb. With the Edge, I had to release the mag with my trigger finger. Between trying to take the safety off, and trying to release the mag with my trigger finger, my times sucked.
  6. If you turn the chair around, you are not sitting on it, you are leaning against it. Sitting means your body is supported.
  7. Limited with an STI Edge. Kept looking for the safety when I would draw.
  8. I shot mine yesterday for the first time in Production. Took the mag well off and went shoot.
  9. I shoot left handed and bought a Masterpiece Arms. Pick your caliber and barrel contour. Love mine. It was ready in about 6 weeks.
  10. BARRYJ

    Legion front sight

    The sight comes from Dawson Precision. Check their website. They do sell a larger diameter insert.
  11. Me too. Get carbide dies, no need to lube to resize.
  12. Thanks. Just wanted to be sure.
  13. I have been shooting Limited and want to try Production. I am in C class. Does that automatically put me in D class for Production or Unclassified? I know there is a rule about a classification can only be one spot lower that any other classification.
  14. I bought a P320 Legion Monday. I was scared to shoot it after reading this post. I did a plunk test with three different reloads and everything looked fine. The round wasn't covered like some of my other guns, but it looked like the only part of the round exposed was the web of the brass. I shot it Tuesday with no problems. I'm happy with my purchase.
  15. BARRYJ

    X5 Legion

    Found one at a local sporting goods store. They had two in stock.
  16. BARRYJ

    X5 Legion

    Those thing are hard to find.
  17. BARRYJ

    Loading mags

    I shoot Limited now. I keep shoving them in until it is full. If I shoot Production, fire 6 or 7 rounds, is there a way to know how many is in there, or do I have to empty the mag and start over?
  18. BARRYJ

    Loading mags

    Thinking about buying a P320 x5 Legion and shoot Production. Is there any trick to knowing how many rounds are in the mag?
  19. At a state match, when a guy showed clear, I noticed that the bullet came out of the case and was stuck in the chamber. If he would not have shown me the chamber, he would have had a problem on the next stage.
  20. Guess I'm just venting, but my last match was miserable. Checking Practiscore before the match, I noticed that a vast majority of the shooters I was squadded with were unclassified. I like to see new shooters, but spread them out a little. There were only two ro's. Even after begging, a few didn't tape. It took us longer to shoot, and the next squad was always waiting on us. And it was hot, in the 90's. Overall, not a fun day.
  21. Not if they want to be called a USPSA match. They don't change the rules for an open match or a limited match or any other match. After thinking about this for a minute, I might be changing my mind. I have never seen an open only match or a limited only match. If you are going to limit yourself to PCC only, I really don't care what rules you follow.
  22. So 40 minor shoots softer than 9mm? Maybe I should work up a minor load for 40 and shoot that at everything.
  23. I shoot USPSA Limited Major. I also shoot some outlaw steel and weekly matches at a local range that doesn't recognize power factor. I use my Edge in 40 cal to shoot it all. I'm trying to work up a minor load for my 40, but I'm considering picking up an Edge in 9mm to use for the non-power factor matches. With it, I wouldn't have to change my grip on the gun, it would be like shooting the same gun, only less recoil. The 9mm could also be my backup gun when traveling to matches. Does this sound like a good idea?
  24. If I have to worry about an RO not holding the timer right, or having my own timer because I'm worried about someone trying to cheat me, or if the timer picked up all the shots, that would take all the fun out of it. I shoot mostly local matches and do it for fun, which a vast majority of us do. All the RO's I shoot with are honest people, and if any mistake is made, it's corrected the best way we can (according to the rules) and move on.
  25. I lost about 50 pounds and now I think my belts are too big. How much overlap should there be in both the inner belt and outer belt? I have a size 40 now. There is 11 inches overlap on the inner belt and 10 inches overlap on the outer belt. The inner belt is 49 inches long and the outer belt is 50 inches long. Am I correct to assume a size 38 would be 2 inches shorter?
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