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  1. They sent me an email with my options.  I assumed they would send my money back.  I have an option.  Either get free entry to next years match or get the same value in local match fees during the year.  The free local matches is the way I will go.  Don't want to wait until next year and they set the match on a date I can't make.  I'm ok with the free local matches, but seems like it will be a bookkeeping nightmare.  

  2. Think I have it figured out.  Wasn't belling enough, making it harder to put the bullet in, and not crimping enough.  Ran about 20 through without primer and powder and seems to be working.  All 20 went in the case gauge.  Now to load it up with primers and powder and see how it goes.  The 250 that I was having problems fitting in the case gauge were sent through the crimp stage and they all fit.

  3. I'm a little less confused.  Just sized, belled the mouth and seated and crimped a bullet on ten rounds on my single stage press.  They all fit in the chamber gauge perfect.  Guess it's not the bullet and the setup of my machine.  Time to strip it down and start over.

  4. I have been trying to set up my 650 to load 9mm.  Been having trouble.  A couple weeks ago, I thought it was a problem with Aguilla brass.  Turns out it's not.  I resized some brass on a single stage press and they drop right in the case gauge.  I then loaded them on my 650 and about 25% of them won't fit in the case gauge.  Some of them have a little bulge where the bullet is in the case.  I ran a few through without inserting a bullet and they all dropped in the case gauge with no problem.  I'm guessing it is a problem with the bullet.  The bullet is 139 grain round nose sized to .356 and coated.  Should a bullet be sized a little smaller if coated?  Would I get better results if I went to a lighter bullet?  I also have a few pieces of brass that won't resize.  I'll size them on the single stage press, but it's like the die won't go down far enough.  The brass seems to be to big around the web.  It leaves a shoulder where the die stops.  It's range pickup brass.  Could this be 9 major brass that is stretched out too much?

  5. Anybody have trouble with Aguila brass?  Trying to set up my 650 and every Aguila brass bulges and won't go in the case gauge.  I weighed them and they are a little heavier than other random brass.  Maybe they are a little thicker.

  6. 3 minutes ago, jcc7x7 said:

    Call dawson, it's the easiest way

    I did.  The sight mentioned is for an XCompact.  They don't list a sight for the RXP XCompact.  I don't know if the slide is milled differently.

  7. I bought a Sig P320 RXP XCompact.  I took the Romeo sight off and the co-witness sights are too high for my liking.  I just want to make sure I'm ordering the right thing.  I looked on Dawson's website and the 310-203 sights are listed for the P320 XCompact.  Are these the correct sights?

  8. I bought a 320 X5 Legion and liked it so much, I bought a X5 Compact.  Figured I could use it as a backup for matches, concealed carry, and woods gun.  Went shoot it for the first time a couple days ago.  It would not cycle with the minor loads I have for it.  Sig doesn't list a lighter spring for it.  Is there an aftermarket supplier that might have it?

  9. Trying to reassemble a handgun after cleaning and realizing that there is a $2 piece that is broken.


    Edit:  Just ordered the part.  $1.49 for the part.  $4.25 shipping.

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