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  1. It would be interesting to see but it obviously would probably not make production weight. Now if we're talking for CO/Limited/Open then why not if someone is looking to bulk up on the weight. I'd entertain getting one if there was one out there and it was of the X-series style.
  2. looks like it should be legal. looks like it would be same size and shape as a factory one.
  3. That’s how I have both my X5 and RX set up. I did swap out my front on the RX to a fiber optic as well.
  4. blschultz

    X-five holsters

    I would say the Red Hill Tactical is worth the approximate month long wait.
  5. not quite my cup of tea but it don't look too bad
  6. The ETS mags are listed as 22 rounds. My mags with the TTI pads will hold 23, on a tight squeeze but can still reload on them. I liked the ETS mags for practice but found a problem with them swelling and not wanting to drop out of the magwell. I ended up switching back to factory mags with the TTI pads.
  7. I shot my first match in it a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I have a feeling that I will have a difficult time switching back. I have a feeling that the slow start had a lot to do with cost of gun or milling for optic plus cost of optic for a provisional division. I think it is starting to take hold and as more people dabble in CO it will probably cause it to grow.
  8. +1... I only have a front fiber as a quick "reference" for the SHO and WHO as I'm not as strong with my CO gun yet as I am with my Production gun. I'll be making a mid season switch soon to CO so my dry-fire schedule will probably eliminate the need for it as I become more proficient.
  9. It has really been messing with mine this year. This past match at my home club I laid down 3 solid stages before going into my 4th of the day. Which was also great until some Twat Waffle pasted 2 targets before they were scored and ended up getting me a re-shoot. By the time I loaded my mags I had to go again with no prep time, and tanked it. Moved to the next stage and was instantly ROing and never had a chance to clear out the re-shoot from my mind and then it was my turn to shoot again before I could pass off the timer. Tanked again and then again on the last stage due to being a smaller squad and the other "RO's" wandering off. Those 3 stages tanked my score and cost me the division win and a top 10 overall finish (based on my math and usual performance) mostly due to spending too much time ROing and not focusing on me.
  10. I'll be switching from Production to CO about mid season. In my club I usually compare myself to the overall results anyway since we don't have much heat left in Production. I'm not going to let it stop me if I'm the only one in division
  11. The TTI's will fit on the ETS mags but not the Magpul from my experience
  12. I just filed down the ZEV insert to match the contour of the Glock Frame. I also modified it a bit more so I could get the medium backstrap onto the gun before doing my grip job. Weight and balance of the gun is starting to feel like my G22 limited gun which I seem to shoot better than my production gun most days.
  13. My question for anyone who may know. Is there a cover plate for the slide incase I wanted to strip off the optic and run in production to not have a gaping hole in the top.
  14. The G22 old police trade in, is what I have for my Limited gun. Uses the same holster at my 17 so I don't need an extra belt. At my current level of skill I don't think it is holding me back any. I typically shoot production and can bounce back and forth between the guns with no real issues.
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