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  1. Thanks for the info! So the standard barrel still puts on too much weight? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I am a designer so I prefer better looks in the first place. [emoji28] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks man, much appreciated! That does clear things up a lot for me =)
  4. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely stick to the rifle length. So you suggest going all in for a JP LMOS and just standard normal buffer? Does the buffer spring need to be stronger or lighter than standard to tune the JP LMOS? I assume an adjustable gas block is necessary for a LMOS, then is there any adj gas block you would recommend?
  5. Backstory, I have been shooting USPSA Production. Yeah, the saying is true, you never stop there... I have shot ARs a few times in the range, but I actually never own one. I want an AR and I decided to build one. Problem, This is a platform/build for some range time and possibly for 3Gun in near future after practices. After much research, I have already decided on most parts. However, Barrel profile and BCG are two things I cannot decide. I know JP low mass is great, but the price seems very steep considering purchasing with their buffer set. I also heard it requires more maintenance than normal ones. Since I may not do a match very soon. Is it a good idea to get low mass for practicing? Some people recommended FailZero nickel boron BCG, but I heard the Failzero has a bad fit in general. Some people suggested BCM...I am just overwhelmed by the choices... What BCG do you guys recommend? Should I go all in for a Low mass in the beginning? or just spend less on something reliable to practice more? If so, what is your favourite? Another thing is about the barrel, I am solid sold by BlackHoleWeaponry, and considering their 18" 1:7, they have a NatiionalMatch profile, Standard, and Light. Anyone have any experience with such profiles? I have never heard of NationalMatch Profile Here are some stuff on my list Seekins billet set PSA LPK Elf 3gun trigger 18" 1:7 BHW barrel (profile?) BCG (dont know) Sentry7 gas block (is it an overkill?) Magpul moe grip Sorry for the long post... And here is a 'render' of my build scheme
  6. Hey guys, I am about to get my first rig set to start shooting in production class in uspsa. I bought a G34, actually it is my first firearm ever. I did a bit research about the holster, belt, mag pouches. Here is the setup I am thinking about. BELT: CR SPEED Super Hi-Torque belt HOLSTER: Blade Tech DOH(the basic one) MAG POUCH: CR Versa * 4 Does it sound like a plan? Any adjustment and suggestions? I heard glock mags don't fit in DAA well, that's why I didn't even mention about DAA. I am also thinking about Ghost360 mag pouches. I heard many good things about it, but I really cannot judge since I do not have experience with these mag pouches. For the holster, is it necessary to go for a comp tac? or should DOH blade tech do the work? I am open to any other suggested items. Just a beginner needs some serious guides and advices. - Eddie.
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