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  1. A ton of money? You probably spend more than that per month at McDonalds.
  2. Does anyone know the difference between the Generation 1 Taran Tactical Glock +10 PCC mag extensions and the newer Gen 2 other than the shape and a little more weight? Are they supposed to function better than the Gen 1’s? The website description is a little vague and there aren’t any reviews that I could find. The reason I’m asking is Taran Tactical has a 30% off sale right now and I was going to pick up a few if they function well.
  3. Judo

    Mark7 Evolution

    Thank you for the clarification regarding the 1050 trade in program.
  4. Was thinking of keeping a manual press around for experimenting with load development.
  5. I did see that new sorting device from Immortobot. Seems like a useful item.
  6. Judo

    Mark7 Evolution

    I meant to say why, LOL ? Thanks for the info.
  7. After reading all of this information, I have a Dillon 1050 I haven’t even taken out of the box because it seems that the Evolution/Revolution is so clearly superior to the Dillon products. I’ll be parting ways with that unit soon enough.
  8. I’d say there is no shortage of buyers for the Mark 7 Evolution. In fact, they’ve received so many orders and have such a severe backlog of orders that they have quit taking orders for the time being. Wait list only.
  9. Mark 7 now has the stripped down version of the Revolution for brass processing.
  10. Judo

    Mark7 Evolution

    That info was straight from the owner. They are going to take down the credit info at some point, I’d assume.
  11. Judo

    Mark7 Evolution

    Just curious, but what are you sorting your brass by headstamp?