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  1. I've cleaned pin-less for quite some time now. The pins were a pain, particularly to my Dillon loaders. I broke a good number of decapping pins on the loaders from pins jammed in the flash holes. I typically load in fairly high volumes and looking inside of each piece of brass for shiny, stuck pins was just one more unnecessary step...the tumbler does just fine without pins. Garland Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. I'm a safety guy and have bought many pairs of safety glasses online, particularly www.safetyglassesusa.com. They carry virtually every model of safety glasses, including shooting glasses, made. I'm sure you can find a model that will perform and look good.
  3. I attached a magnet to mine and it worked nicely.... until the pin bound up again.... Then I cut one of the legs off the soft cotter pin, reinserted, bent the tip to lock it in and it has worked perfectly ever since!
  4. Pins or not, I've always been able to dry a tray of wet brass either in the oven or on a heater vent prior to loading. It's easy to see if the brass is still wet inside.
  5. Yes, it can get easier! Don't use pins at all. The brass clinking against one another cleans as well as anything. The inside of the brass gets fairly clean but not pristine, as with pins. I'm not depriming 9mm brass before reloading anyway so clean flash holes aren't important to me. (Never a misfire in 20 years...) My FART is just a few months old and I will never spin, strain, bake, or otherwise manually separate pins again...just plain trouble and time I don't care to spend. Tumble ONCE pinless and see what you think! (You won't go back!)
  6. I just tumbled with no pins as Steve described in post #92. Brass looks great! Inside mostly clean too. No need to separate pins. EXCELLENT!!! I will go pin less from now on! (ss pins and magnet for sale...) Thanks for the tip!
  7. I just broke two RCBS decapping pins by sizing brass with pins stuck in 9mm cases as pictured above. The die stem was tweaked too. My pins are the stock pins provided with the FART. They measure .040" x .291". I'm tumbling prior to sizing on a Dillon 550. I'd prefer to avoid having to inspect the inside of each and every piece of brass I reload. Would you recommend larger or smaller pins? Garland in VA
  8. As someone else mentioned, give a quick drench with distilled before you air dry and you won't get that spotting. I'm using the FA cleaning solution with good results.
  9. I bake mine at 250 for about 30 minutes. If there is still water in the cookie sheet I bake some more! Dry pins are SO much easier to separate than wet pins!
  10. Will you share your new file? Looks good!
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