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  1. The magzine shown are the RHT Rescomp Hi Cap. But the old version. These are no longer produced. The new version has a different shape (body) and a special Magazine bottom - you can not use Dawson Basepad. The original STI magazine are in my opinion, significantly better quality.
  2. Has anyone of you experiences these two magazines regarding matching accuracy and quallität? My experience is that the STI Magazine are simpler and easier to adjust. The quality is better and a Grams Spring Folower kit goes to work faster properly.
  3. Can someone tell me what llustration D in this installations doc means by picture as it has to look after the filing ? Thanks
  4. Okay - thanks for your note. Now it´s to late for steel. I hope the reinforced version of this alu grip will bear it If not i try the SVI steel grip as next.
  5. Are you sure ? It´s possible , Alu Steel Titanium the CNC machine does not matter which material. But why use heavy steel if alu also works.
  6. Yes i know this test from a YT STI Video and i have done this. Bevore it was to stong an now i think its to weak. If i move fast on ipsc stage or some other convulsions on gun i think the round tip down.
  7. Okay - thanks a lot for your hint. I have to check the tension - but in the moment i have no tool to do this but i read it must be +/- 25 lb. first the tension was to stong an the round rised up. now it´s between dives on ramp or is not right in the barrel camber.
  8. In steel i know only the expensive SVI grips (in different size) , but steel is cold and heavy. for sti are some alugrips on the market from italy, germany and i know one factors in usa there you can get alu, steel and titanium in sti style but thats to difficult to import this to EU - i think it´s not possible.
  9. On December i bought a 2011 40sw. The onwer did not fit this gun well - his fingers are all thumbs. Since i have this gun i have feeding problems. I changed a few things but it doesend get much better with the feeding problem. At last i checked the Aftec extractor but i have doubts that this is a Aftec 40 sw extractor. I saw there a some various types of Aftec 9/40/45/38 Does someone of you recognize what typ this is ?
  10. I have also replaced the sti polymergrip in to a reinforced version of a alu grip. First i would a Infinity steel grip but in germany this things ar to expensive - over 800 €. Then i saw at my gunmakrer this alu grip in some colores (blue, red, orange, black etc). I put some grippaper on it to have a good grip (i shoot ipsc). I think polymer or alu it doesend matters but it look´s nice.
  11. I dont know this grip have you a link or picture ?
  12. Hi Nitrohuck nice thread ;-) I have the same idea , now i found in the www your thread .... my primarily question is/was , how easy can this be done. My reasons are a little bigger grip than the STI grip and skater terrain . My favourite is the Infinity EE grip . I think you have the traditional (IT) grip wich is like the same size as the polymer grip. What do you mean with backstrap safety , the grip safety ?
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