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  1. A sonic cleaner from Harbor Freight is relatively inexpensive.
  2. 650. I always consider the back end. If you ever decide to sell it, the 650 will be much easier to move.
  3. Yes. I ran it for several years. No discernible difference in terms of accuracy between it and my Shadow Target. Especially in action pistol.
  4. The kit off BS Pro Shop worked great. Taran +4, MecGar 17 Rd. Tubes, Grams spring and follower. 23 rounds, no problem.
  5. I'm halfway between both with a photographers stool, but will stand too.
  6. Finger cot? As long as you're not allergic to latex.
  7. My ejector wire has gotten in the way before. I'd check there.
  8. I emailed Leupold and told them I didn't want to wait for a repair since it was less than a month old and told them I think a complete replacement is in order. They did respond and told me to notate that on my return, so I decided to take it off and send it in. I just got an email saying "24 working days to repair". So much for that idea.
  9. Same here. The email I got back from Leupold was to: Take the battery out for at least 4 hours, then replace with a new battery...Didn't work. It also shuts off after 5 min. Then when I turn it back on, say at a match, the brightness changes. So now I turn it off after my run, then turn it back on to start. It mitigates me standing there after "make ready" and cycling through the brightness to get back to my setting. I just bought another one for my other gun. Hopefully this isn't systemic. I'll be sending the faulty one in after the season.
  10. They said to remove the battery for 4 hours, then put a new one in. Didn't work. Guess it goes back at the end of the season (whah-whah).
  11. This weekend at a match my the auto-on feature of my DeltaPoint Pro stopped working. The dot comes back when I press the button which is fine for a match. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a fix that doesn't involve sending it back to Leupold?
  12. I started with SNS. Worked well. Then at the WI Sectional we got 100 147gr. FP from ACME in our bags. They worked well and I found them to be the least expensive of all of the ones out there, so I ordered 5000 and shot them exclusively through my CZ Shadows. I did not have any issues and accuracy good. I just ran out and re-ordered from ACME again.
  13. It's what I went with. Auto On/Off is great. B&H Photo was the cheapest I found. $349 for 7.5, $359 for 2.5.
  14. Since there's still a front sight, I'm assuming this is a plate system with a rear iron sight?
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