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  1. Agreed, it is somewhat different than other pistols but it is a very nice gun. I think it will take a few reps to get comfortable with it. Just take your time and try not to force it and it will get easier. Enjoy a cool pistol.
  2. After you pull the slide stop allow the slide to move forward until it stops. Then slightly apply pressure and pull the trigger slowly until the slide moves forward (in my experience the trigger only needs to be pulled part of the way) Then the slide is removed. Hope this works otherwise not sure what would be the problem.
  3. Thank you for the perspective, which is what I was hoping to get. I will have an opportunity to compare my P320 to a SP01 Tactical with a decocker so while not a direct comparison at least I will get to try the CZ. I think right now my preference is towards more massive pistol but i will try to ignore that during the time I spend comparing them.
  4. I am new to posting on this forum and have spent the last 18 months in local club competitions. I have been using a mix of pistols to see what works best. A P226 X-5 Allround and P320. So I have experience with a very heave pistol and lighter pistol. I have also tried CZ pistols from others and like how they shoot wrt trigger and recoil. So, I like the P320 very much but have mixed results due to recoil, sight tracking etc. I am fairly confident a CZ Shadow Target would work well for me due to weight and refined trigger. I could send my P320 to GGI for competition package. Would that bring it close to the CZ? I am hoping someone may have experience with both to provide some insight. The reason for these 2 pistols are: 1) recently acquired Dan Wesson PM 9, going to use it for Steel shoots, 2) would like to have a pistol eligible for Production I can see the P320 is doing well, CZ is has to be run DA/SA(?) if so lower hammer without decocker so safety concerns there but P320 is slightly similar( striker fire without safety) 3) have mags and holster for P320 so makes sense to stick with it but like have pistols So thanks in advance for reading and I may be off base with the pistols I am comparing but I am trying to learn about the options available.
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