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  1. That is what I have. Well I guess I will delete the ps app and retry. I will just use nook that has the PS app that works till then. Thanks
  2. Sorry I meant practiscore app PS - for doing USPSA matches. Version 1.6.15 Not interested in IDPA When I go in the edit shooters/squad there is Class. Only choice is NOVICE or EXPERT which seems like IDPA for me. There is no GM, M A B C D U or X
  3. I downloaded the practiscore USPSA app to both my android phone and to the amazon fire tablet. I was setting up for the match coming up putting in names and what class they are in. Class had either Novice or Expert for a choice. Is that from IDPA? Divisions choices had the regular Open, Limited 10, Production etc. I did email practiscore support. Anyone have the same problems? Did I miss something? Thanks
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