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  1. I shot 2016 nationals, at the end there was a prize table, the better you do the better the "prize". Prizes didn't matter to me much, i was just glad to shoot amazing stages and had some great shooters in my squad. It was definitely a learning experience. There were plaques for top 3 in each division. Just go and shoot, if you get a free prize from the many great sponsors, it's a bonus. Just my 2 cents

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  2. So I have to say, after getting this SV grip I felt like a noob. The tolerances on parts like the magwell pin, magazine release were super tight. I actually had to use a punch to get the mag release out. I thought I was loosing my mind. All in all I am very happy with my decision. I received the grip one day shy of a month. Called SV, a couple times and was helped very promptly. All in all a great learning experience. And every single magazine I have, about a dozen old style SV magazines, 4 STI gen 2 magazines, 1 mbx magazine, and one 1st gen magazine. All function and drop free. Thanks for all the great answers. Here is how it turned out. d2553efa16b0cdc7aa25731377a2ef01.jpgdab40bfc16e00b46700416b794165d44.jpg

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  3. As the title says, I ordered an SV skatrr terraun grip , competition size for small to medium hands. It's going on sn SV sight tracker, from about 2004. I have always used old atyle SV mag bodies, and some new gen Sti. But that was with a polymer grip, and steel Limcat grip. Will I still be able to use the old style Sv tubes? And still use the new gen Sti tubes? Any insight would be helpful, I don't want to buy all new Sv mags. Also with Sv billet grip and Xl competition aluminum magwell, will i be able to use Dawson pads? Or stick with Grams and Tti? Thanks in advance.


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  4. Not a gunsmith but I would look at the sear and see where it is, and compare that before you go any further. I had a fitting issue with Svi thumb safety and it ended up making contact with the sear, that was on an Sti component 2011.

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