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  1. I shoot out at crooked creek not sure the number , but section 5. In 2016 our md emailed he had 2 slots available and I jumped on it. Nationals was a blast! Otherwise I think there is a list if competitors choose not to go. Last time I'll go to nationals in FL. Cant handle the humidity.

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  2. If you look really close you can see the gap in the back of grip and frame. Otherwise the grip fits perfect (at least I think) I have seen that rear gap on other pistols as well. It bugs me but everything functions as it should. 6a1937ab6af4cc0aaea8b092dcbb2b68.jpgdfd43937c0fa1fe9a9f09738e9c515a8.jpg

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  3. If it is riding the lower lugs or starting uneven I believe so. I am not a Smith just trying to share what I have had to do in the past.

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  4. I would check the pin diameter and compare to original. If the pins are like in diameter I would use dykem to try to pinpoint further.

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  5. Daa racers are what I use, they are adjustable, and you can run bullets out. I prefer bullets out and have not had any issues for about 2 years. They are installed on a Daa belt as well and fit perfect, nice and tight.

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