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  1. 1hotrod

    SVI tubes

    OMG!! I was saving my svi 170 tubes, but since reading this thread, I have the same problems with it seating too. I have to slam it in to make it seat plus, the mag release is hard to push down.
  2. OK, I just ordered a EGW u-die and Redding comp seating die. I wish one die company would make the perfect setup, so it wouldn't be such a trial and error process.
  3. Hmm, I just picked a case of MG 124 JHP .355, when I mic'ed several of them, they read .355-3555. It didn't seem undersized at all.
  4. Yup, I bought it brand new from Barsto, and everything feels so tight after 500 rds. I just setup my Dillon 650 with a Lee FCD, after I noticed 50 rds out of 500 was not dropping into my case gauge. I made 20 dummy rounds to feed test, and 2 of them could not be resized with the Lee FCD. My Lee FCD crimp is setup to .375 and works on most of the bulge from what I can see. I guess that what happens when you buy once fired brass, but I am still going to buy it cuz it's so cheap. After the gun breaks in, I'll try one thing at a time, so I can be sure it's that problem. I think by then I will have some mag tuning issues...haha Thanks again
  5. So, I finally made the jump and got an open gun. Can you guys guess who makes it? I wasn't too sure what to get since this was my first one and Brazo's sx was a bit over my budget. What causes the bullet not to chamber all the way? Is it because the gun is not broken in or my ammo loads I am using? I am reloading 9mm 124 MG jhp, 1.165 oal, with 7.9 of Silhouette. Maybe about 500 rounds thru it, hand full of semi jams including feeding, and chambering problems. The main thing was that the last chambering problem resulted in the slide being slightly stuck open and almost impossible to unjam. I was hitting the slide racker with my best kungfu chop, and it didn't even budge. My hand still hurts...haha, but someone at the range cleared it for me by overhand gripping the slide and hitting the lower grip. Any suggestions would be great.
  6. Great, that was exactly what I was looking for,,,,thx
  7. What size basepads from Grams or Dawsons can you use on a 140mm and 170mm open division?
  8. Bob, You are already building one I like...hope to see you at Golden Bullet @ Richmond with your new double stack, and hopefully mine too!! I should have a Cmore for you in the next week or two. Thanks, Rodney
  9. Come on...don't be afraid!! If you can't get it in the P2P stuff then, get it in a newsgroup Just make sure both your antivirus and firewall are up to snuff.
  10. Bob, how about stipling the front or back slide, like you would do a sti/svi grip. Or maybe welding some extra material to the end and modifying it to something that would be easier to grip the rear. Or a raised stippled weld. I don't know if it will work, but it just popped into my head, like a daydream.
  11. Hmm...still a tough choice.. I do like that air valve on the Pelican case though.
  12. Hmm...still a tough choice.. I do like that air valve on the Pelican case though.
  13. It's a 24" barrel. My budget was somewhere from $500-800. I don't think I would shoot past 300yrds. I was thinking maybe a Leopold or ACOG .
  14. Hi Ron, I am on the same path as you building a 9major with a STI lower. From what I've heard from my friends who compete in IPSC, they tell me to get the SV mags or tubes. But it's really really hard to find. So, I will end up like most other people, and go with the STI tubes, change the guts, and have them tuned. PS Are you going toward a shorty or a 5"
  15. Yup, this was for a 9 major
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