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  1. 908ssp

    Open class USP 9mm

    Not enough posts guess they are afraid I'll post porn. Any HK is porn.
  2. 908ssp

    Open class USP 9mm

    Was going to shoot today and on my way when it started to pour...oh well. Been meaning to show you my open class 9mm USP. I built it myself and no I am not in the business and have no intention of doing it for anybody else. I made the titanium comp which screws to the stock threaded barrel of the USP tactical. It shoot major loads no problem, actually it needs a major load to function reliably. The weight of the comp even as light as I could make it delays slide release with normal loads so it doesn't eject properly all the time. I tried lighter springs but it just functions better with a standard spring set and major loads. You probably wonder about the magazines. I use the white 18 rounder with an extended base pad so it carriers 20 rounds. I made the ones in the picture from 30 round magazines they are cut down to the legal 170mm limit and now hold 25 rounds 26 If you push it which I don't. Your board won't let me post pictures from Photobucket, your loss.
  3. I cheated by making custom grips that only allow my finger to fall precisely where I want it.
  4. Trained myself to use the right eye. That way whether I shoot hand guns or rifles I am not having to relearn sight picture.
  5. Second year back to USPSA shooting after a long hiatise. Eyes are old, my reactions slower and my memory isn't what it used be but here to have some fun never the less.
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