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  1. Yes, check the spring decaping pin assembly. If it's okay or not, reshaping the pin cannot hurt either.
  2. I've been sitting while loading on my 650 for 25+ years. 9mm and 223
  3. I've used dryer sheets for years now with much success but I didn't realize/know they should be used ones. I'll start using used ones going forward.
  4. I use the same fluid I'm using on my barrels at the time and a light oil on the outside when done.
  5. I'm assuming you have to tumble all pistol loads when you're done now?
  6. Oil may be your issue. I've had no issues with running it completely dry. IMO there is no reason for that plastic to have oil on it.
  7. I've loaded 10s of thousands of rounds over the past 30 years and never had an issue with one. I do assume it was replaced when I sent my press in to Dillon to be rebuilt though.
  8. Lead is off the rifling and I shockbottle every round prior to it going into our Border Shift bag. I think Robert has mine in good shape now though. It now goes into battery by itself and I'm running a 14# spring. The last two range trips, no issues (knock on wood).
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