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  1. I agree. I adjusted mine because a friend had CCI and some were flipping. Once I tweaked it they ran 100%. HOWEVER, when I went back to my Winchester.... it's taking me forever to get it just so. I think I have it now though. Approx 500 and not a single flip.
  2. The only time I've had this issue, there was a brass stuck under the feed plate making it ride high.
  3. Hello, What's this "different plastic piece"? I poke around on their site a few minutes ago but can't seem to locate parts for the RF100. I'd like to look at it and if it's different than mine, get one ordered. Thanks!
  4. Following.... I'm having the same issue recently. I'm about to the point of trying to replace the small plastic piece where the primer drops down into the tube. It's been 100% for years... now not so much. I have to baby sit it like you.
  5. It looks a bit harsh to be powder alone to me too. Either something else got in with the powder or there is some sort of burr in there. Neither my 650 or 1050 bar look like this and they're many years old using various powders.
  6. I did nearly the same thing, even after being a Sig fan for 30+ years, except I went with the Shadow 2.
  7. Mine blew the extractor out three times. All fixed under warranty.
  8. I had the same issues but I didn't try polishing my funnel. I may give that a go. I also tired a turtle wax in the wet tumbler. It helped but wasn't super. I now just give my cases a shot of one shot case lube before dumping them in the case feeder and no longer have any problem with sticking.
  9. I also use VV N320 without issue with coated bullets without issue.
  10. I also use the super swager. I didn't do 70k but 25k or so. Just did it whenever I was just sitting watching television.
  11. Yes, check the spring decaping pin assembly. If it's okay or not, reshaping the pin cannot hurt either.
  12. I've been sitting while loading on my 650 for 25+ years. 9mm and 223
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