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  1. I think I also may have had an issue with 1oz Federal Trubal when the problems first started occurring. The thing is, the gun ran perfectly for a couple years (even with the 7/8 Fiocchi) and now it seems to be getting worse every time I shoot it.
  2. Hello. Starting last year, I began having failures to eject mostly with Fiocchi 7/8 slugs. The bolt will feel like it's locked back with the empty shell fully visible in the ejection port and aligned with the barrel. After clearing the spent shell out of the way, the new round chambers normally. After having these issues, I decided to try the MOA Heavy-Bolt system. The problem has gotten progressively worse to the point where I had the same malfunction of every stage of a match yesterday with Walmart Federal bulk pack loads that were previously 100% reliable. I have a number of other modifications to the gun including: MOA Lightning-Load Lifter, MOA Heavy Bolt System with Lighter Spring, TTI trigger springs, Reduced Friction Follower, and I believe I have a Benelli Extractor that was installed when I sent the gun in to Benelli for warranty work when it was brand new. Any thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?
  3. I'm not sure how you would fit the gas block and tube with the rail upside down. How about one of SLR's hybrid designs? You would only have a section on pic rail at the front, but that might be all you need, no?
  4. Because I compete in Production/SSP I use the standard extended mag release that came with my Gen 3 G34, but my preference is the Vickers. For me, it's pretty much perfect and is what I use on my non-gaming Glocks. The length of the factory extended catch, combined with its sharp corners, can start to irritate the palm of my support hand during long practice sessions. The Vickers is just long enough to actuate easily, but not so long that it digs into your hand. The corners are also nicely rounded off.
  5. I like that idea! To save a little money on purchases, I've been using ActiveJunky.com for a number of years. They offer cash-back on purchases from places like Cabela's, Brownells, Rainier Arms, Palmetto State Armory, Natchez, Academy, and a ton more. The beauty of it is it's independent of any other promo codes or sales the retailer is running so you can get a little extra savings on top of the sale price. The cash-back percentages are usually pretty small, but they can change often - I've seen Cabela's go as high as 15%! Anyway, even when it's lower, it all adds up over time. I'll also sometimes buy discounted gift cards from Raise.com or Cardpool.com. I recently bought some ammo from Academy by buying discounted e-gift cards on Raise.com that were delivered instantly, then clicking through to Academy from ActiveJunky.com to complete my purchase - it's a layered discount approach!
  6. I have a 510C on my limited rifle, but since I have astigmatism, I need to use corrective contacts to see a proper dot. Without the contacts, I see a sort of amorphous line.
  7. I compete with a Glock 34.3 primarily in 3gun and occasional USPSA/IDPA. I mostly carry a Glock 19.3, but depending on clothing and activity I might instead carry a S&W Shield, S&W 342, or LCP.
  8. I don't think the difference is huge, but I probably shoot a bit better when I'm squadded with strangers - it allows me to focus 100% of my attention on the game. That being said, I always squad with my friends if possible. To me, having a good time and laughing with some buddies is more important that a couple points here and there.
  9. I use Warren Tactical sights on all of my Glocks (not the Sevigny). I really like the scallops on the rear sight - I feel they help to draw your eye to the front sight and also allow you to see a little more of the target. I use the plain rear/fiber optic front on my competition gun and the single tritium rear/tritium front for my defensive guns.
  10. What kind of deals are you finding? Mind sharing?
  11. I've been using the Hiperswitch with my 24C this past season with no issues. Didn't love that you have to clip the detent spring to tune the efforts, but it works fine and there are no worries about compatibility.
  12. I get mine from ActionTarget.com. They have IDPA cardboard targets for $0.69 a piece for 1-24 or $0.64 a piece for 25+.
  13. You could use either gun with the 8-round magazines in CCP – just have an extra magazine available for the “Load and Make Ready” so you can load a round into the chamber and be able to start with 9 in the gun. You could also use the Shield with the 7-round magazines in the BUG division and load them to 6. For CCP, you are allowed two extra magazines on your belt each loaded to eight. For BUG, you are allowed three extra mags on the belt each loaded to six. I think either gun would be fine for you to get started with. The Shield makes a great BUG gun, but you might find that shooting BUG is less fun with all the reloading and lack of participation in most matches. It would be less competitive in CCP, but definitely usable. Same with the P239. Personally, I use Kytex mag pouches, an Ares Aegis belt, and Comp-Tac International holster for a Glock 34 in SSP.
  14. Just got one of these for my Holosun 510c yesterday and can also confirm that it fits great. I'll also add that I was surprised that it's nicer than I thought it would be. I assumed it was just a neoprene cover, but it actually has a rubberized interior layer.
  15. One of our local clubs has an outdoor shoot-house with a roof and black, plastic walls to create some low-light shooting conditions. The plastic walls allow them to reconfigure the stage easily by cutting windows in different locations. If you do this, make sure to incorporate some sort of venting system. Following someone who was using smoky loads was pretty miserable before they added a fan.
  16. Apologies if this has been discussed previously - I tried searching, but couldn't find anything. This is only my third season shooting multi-gun after spending several years shooting IDPA/USPSA. For the past couple years, all of our local clubs have been using the UML ruleset. I haven’t been doing this for too long, but to date, I can’t recall seeing anyone attempt to neutralize a target with only one shot to the “A” zone. The norm is typically to put two shots anywhere on paper. Are there any situations where it is advantageous to attempt single “A” zone shots? Maybe on some wide-open close targets to prevent having to do a flat-footed reload? I suppose the answer might depend on the skill level of the shooter, so for argument’s sake, let’s assume the shooter is an SSP Master in IDPA.
  17. Any idea what the minimum handguard ID required for this barrel with the included Rainier gas block would be? I'm wondering if it would fit inside a BCM MCMR. Also, wondering if anyone has feedback on the Rainier lightweight match .223 Wylde barrel in the 18" length.
  18. I'm quite happy with my 510C Elite (green reticle). I've been using it on my rifle for UML limited since last year with no issues. The reticle is daylight-bright, and if I use my astigmatism-correcting contacts, nice and crisp. I like the option of having a circle, dot, or circle/dot. Most of the time I just use the dot, but on farther steel I sometimes like the circle/dot.
  19. This is exactly why I declined to borrow a friend's 2011 when he was out with an injury and offered it to me to use last season. The last time I demoed someone else's gun at a practice session, I ended up buying two Glock 34s!
  20. I know that time is a factor for most people, but if you are able to, maybe volunteer to help the MDs with some stage ideas? I know a few MDs in my area and they would love any help they can get with stage design. Like you said, they might be burned out and just need some creative people to step up and help out. Be the change you want to see in the world!
  21. I'll add another recommendation for the M3K Freedom Series. I got mine from Kentucky Gun Company last year for $550 shipped. It's literally ready to go right out of the box and I used it as such for several matches last year. The only mods I've made for this year are: HiViz TriComp front sight, MOA Lightning Load Lifter, Taran Tactical spring kit, and some strategically placed rubber grip tape. I'd like to add a magazine extension to get it up to 12, but I'm hoping MOA comes out with a +2 end cap for the FS (not super interested in their current $80 kit). I may eventually open up the loading port, but honestly, I can quad load just fine with the stock configuration. Good luck with your choice!
  22. I really like the Ergo Tactical Deluxe grips. I haven't used a LaRue A-PEG so I can't be sure, but from photos it looks like the Ergo is a bit more vertical. I've also used BCM Mod 3 grips and can say that the Ergo Tactical Deluxe is definitely not as vertical. I'm with you - I like a palm-filling grip with a reduced angle. For me, the Ergo is the best I've found so far, but would prefer if it were a bit more vertical. I'd be interested to hear if there are other options.
  23. The Hiperswitch does, in fact, work with Hiperfire triggers. I'm running one with with a 24C on my AR - seems to work well so far. It has a 60deg throw and is ambidextrous.
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