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  1. I have a set of high polished Swenson's if someone needs a set. They have been fit to an STI so the Ambi retainer leg is shortened for the 2011 frame. Keep in mind they have been fit so you may have to tig up the engagement ledge as well. Ryan
  2. Another vote of agreement here. While I've reloaded for years, I've kept my powder selection to just a few versatile powders. My first Limited gun was a Para in .40. I used AA5 for years as it was inexpensive and the gunshop I frequented always had plenty on the shelf. The residue was nasty, it mixed with the breakfree on the slide rails and was very gritty. After a weekend match the stuff on the rails felt like a coarse grinding compound. I shot some .38 spl semi-wadcutter reloads being sold at a local gunrange when I had bowling pin fever. They were loaded with some flake powder, ligh
  3. Redding makes beautiful rifle dies, I have a couple of sets for some more obscure rifle cartridges. They are top shelf! Their competition seating dies are said to be great as well but I don't have one yet. PS. Stick with Dillon presses. Ryan
  4. And now "the rest of the story" ... Took my STI apart (needed a good cleaning anyway) and checked the dimensions of the chamber. Here are all my measurements: Wilson case gage: .425 (might be .4255) Dillon case gage: .427 Schuman Barrel: .427 Of the bullets I have on hand here are their measurements: STAR: .400 Gold Dot: .400 West Coast: .401 Rainier: .402 The Rainer's will not gravity drop in the Wilson gage. The Dillon gage doesn't like them much better and dummies don't hand cycle as smoothly as the others. West Coast have a rounder cone area and a smaller flat point, the
  5. Whose bullets are you using? Locally I can get West Coast plated bullets, Rainier plated bullets or Zero Jacketed. The Zeros have the open base. My investigation continues but I have a new very interesting data point. I picked up dillon stainless steel case gage at my local reloading shop yesterday. Every round rejected by my Wilson gage drops freely into and out of the Dillon gage. The area forward of the headspacing step measures the same between the two gages while the case head area is .002 larger in the Dillon gage. Tonight I'm going to pull my barrel and measure my chamber. I don
  6. First, thanks for the quick replys. I've thought about the Redding Comp Seater, that one has the micrometer adjustment right? Would be nice to be able to adjust seating depth without fiddling with the locking ring. What does the Comp Seater cost? The Case gage doesn't have a throat. It has the case area, the headspacing step then a .401 cylindrical area that extends forward to the end of the gage. Very simplified when compared to an actual barrel. The sides of the bullet are touching the sharp leading edge of the headspacing step. Contact begins at or below (further toward the prim
  7. I've been reloading for 10 years now and it seems that my .40 loads always give me the most rejects out of all the calibers I currently load and have loaded in the past. The equipment - I'm running a Dillon 1050, 1st stage is case pickup, 2nd stage is a Dillon Carbide sizing die, 3rd stage is a shortened Dillon Carbide sizing die (I just ordered an EGW undersize to replace this one), 4th is prime, 5th is powder drop/bell, 6th is empty, 7th is Dillon Seating Die, 8th is Lee Factory Crimp Die. OAL is 1.197, crimp is .421, bullets are STAR jacketed open lead base. (I know STAR is out of busine
  8. I shot AA5 for years in my Para P16 - it was dirty. When the soot mixes with the fresh oil on your slide rails you get a nice gritty polishing compound - not a good thing. Accurate powders work and are competitively priced, if you choose them you should expect to spend a little more time cleaning your pistol (every trip to the range would be a good idea). I also tried a few of the H powders, cleaner but not perfect. Shot bullseye in a .38 spl revolver for a while, a little smoky with lead bullets. I much prefer the Vhit powders, currently using up some N350 in my .40 and looking to move t
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