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  1. Put the 24 inch 243 barrel that came as extra with the gun. Shooting factory ammo Hornady 95 sst. Strapped it into a rest. Set scope with one round. 1st 3 shot group 3/4 2 ND 5 shot 1/2 3 Rd 5 shot 1/2. Really strapped it in (lead sled) 2 back to back single hole 3 shot groups. I had to JP tank break from the 308 threaded onto that Barrel recoil was pretty much non-existent don't have a clue how many rounds are on this Barrel so I'm going to go ahead and order the lri 6mm Creedmoor and shoot the 243 till it shoots out Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. thx, that's what I thought. got this thing as a practice / back-up. IT just wont group, 8 different factory and handlaods. on the lands off the lands, slow ,hot. Just cant get under moa. most @ 1.5 moa some out to 2.5
  3. going to rebarrel a rpr , from 308 to 6mm Creedmoor. I have talked with the LRI guys , I think im going in that direction. does anyone have any reviews of other manufactures ? thanks in advance
  4. not for sale. I got in on the first round of 224 Valkyrie`s from JP rifles and ( should ship anyway now) planning on putting the mark 5 on it for some prs gas gun matches.
  5. New mark 5 5 X25 to be released at shot show for sale the following Monday. Supposed to be designed for prs. ( with all the goodies added in the $2700 range) I Have a 50% cert for the Leopold. Spoke with the custom shop guys Friday. That's where my info came from. I Personally run nightforce nsx on all my long rifles, to include the ruger. ( you really cant go wrong running a nightforce, not claiming its "the best" but it will do everything you want it to do WELL)
  6. i am with p.e. Kelley. Just want to shoot some gas gun club matches, with factory ammo. My JP barrel/bolt is paid for and is supposed to ship mid Jan. Optics will be the new mark 5 ( won a cert) supposed to be available right about the same time. My home club is core. So i have a great place to put it thru some paces. I will keep progress posted.
  7. I like my Burris xtr 1x 8 Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  8. You mobile area? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  9. thx just got back from RO duty at a club match got to play with a few. going to get the that combo. thx
  10. Most of the larger retailers are running this combo "package" in the $1100 range. Bushnell 202540KC Elite 1 Mile Conx Laser Rangefinder with Kestrel Sportsman . Seems to be a good beginners starting point. All the reviews for the Leica were good. As were the Gunwerx all in one. But @ $1700 , I was hoping this combo would get me thru my first year or two. And starting a " better future rifle fund" would be the way to go.
  11. Bushnell 202540KC Elite 1 Mile Conx Laser Rangefinder with Kestrel Sportsman ? Going to shoot PRS next season. I got my primary and back up rifles setup for next season. I worked as a RO for a match this year and shot the 2 gun series this year @ C.O.R.E ( my home range ) Both rifles are shooting sub MOA. I am going to take the intro to PRS and intro to long range classes, before my first match. So I have a good beginners foundation and been coming up to speed with gear for spring. My questions are electronics related. the bushnell/kestrel combo is what I am looking @ Any input would be great! thanks in advance
  12. DOTHAN endless summer blast coming up. welcome and come have a "blast with us" I have a complete lender rig, I would be happy to help a new shooter out.
  13. I used spray contact cement to stick with paper plates to the a zone. seems to have helped my focus /center. Instead of just brown.
  14. I took some used targets home , used contact cement to secure white paper plates to the Alpha circle. set up dry fire and live fire ( co2 powered BB gun, same weight as original. Slide blows back just like the real thing ) didn't take long ....the A`s started happening. seems I was not focusing my front sight on the alpha area ( too much brown) the white paper help me !
  15. check out this topic "Homemade 3 gun carts" ton of ideas
  16. I welded some washers to long nails ( 6 inch spike with 1 inch head) I use a "blue tarp" 8 x 10 I think from the big box store. stake the tarp down and shoot away. I usually only do this for 500 rnd plus practice days. I find my self doing more of a Live/dry hybrid type of practice. more dry with some live mixed in.
  17. welcome, where you shooting at ? if your panhandle gulf coast. we shoot together
  18. well , still weak as water......but holly crap, I made "B" class. shot a classifier match last weekend in ala. and averaged 64.51% best of 4 out of 6. woohoo. seems silly, but I am tickled to death.
  19. that was what I was thinking. half a min is GREAT for a gas gun. any further is just spinning my wheels. its a pretty standard load 23.5 varget / cci 400 and 69 gr. sierra hpbt / mixed brass on progressive press. thanks for the input. she is ready for the next 2 gun
  20. thx I have not tried the nosler yet. smk 69 / hmk 68 / berger vld 70 .hornady black 75 was 3/4 moa barrel is the 18.8 with 1.7 in 55 years I own just 1 single hole rifle. takes a long time to load those 308 rounds
  21. Working on load development today 18.8 inch rise armament Barrel pictured is the best load of the day with a confirmation group I only loaded six rounds per rung of the ladder I keep seeing the single hole groups from AR posted on the web I just can't seem to get there is this the best I can expect these are shot off a bipod on a bench unrealistic Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  22. Nightforce is my choice. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  23. So....shot my first match Saturday. 4/15. according to my doctor, I am now cancer free. That is the good news! The bad news is, cancer treatment in my case was devastating to my body. Despite my effort to start shooting sooner, recovery is slow. went in at 285 came out at 204. Have not eaten anything from 11/20 to 4/10. Iv`s everyday and boost shakes and enough morphine to kill a horse. This is just to give back ground for the match. My doctor said I was cancer free. I went home and threw the morphine away, and hobbled up to my local IDPA match. Grabbed some used targets and set up dry-fire in the yard. First day, 5 min of dry-fire = 30 of dry-heaves. Currently I can only hold my pistol on target for .5 seconds before I start shaking. Practiced everyday, finally last Saturday. I shot my first match back. 4/15. results 30th of 55. 113/a , 20/C , 2/m. 3 good stages 5.4 hit factor. Took my time, still weak as water. But I shot and man did it feel great! So sore on Sunday I barely got off the couch, LOL still cant hardly move rt arm. 2 gun this weekend and uspsa for the following 3 weekends. Going to use shooting as the cornerstone of my physical recovery. I still feel ,I can make b class by the end of the year. So great to be back........see you out there.
  24. Uspsa in vinager bend tomorrow. What part of Alabama are you in Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  25. been there, witness that, numerous times .............................. Jedi Steven
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