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  1. So I can either cut spring or make a GR that is longer to prevent this?
  2. Forgive me, what do you mean the GR wasn't proper? When I put Wolff recoil spring, I used the factory GR. Is the bushing needed for flatwire?
  3. wtf...why is this happening to me?? Why'd you switch to ismi flat wire when wolff springs worked for yah?
  4. Just a heads up, any spring other than flatwires will cause the gun to bind up when trying to lock the slide back. The slide more or less just gets stuck with a wolff spring.
  5. Always use a either a 308 Carbine/Rifle spring on blowback AR9s. These blowbacks rely on a strong spring to keep the bolt in battery. If the bolt "unlocks" too early, it'll cause a number of issues. You want the bolt the stay forward for as long as possible to keep the gasses moving forward behind the bullet. The longer the bolt is able to stay in the "closed" position, the less dot movement you will see. Also, the violent cycling of AR9s reek havoc on trigger pins. Slower, the better. A lot top GM shooters that run AR9s tend to run heavy bolts as well. Some even use a steel weight plug between the buffer and bolt in the buffer tube, as to slow down the cyclic rate. I noticed around .02-.03 slower splits with a weight. However, it's totally worth the trade off when the dot hardly moves. Hope this helps ya'll
  6. Buhahah, whoops It's not on the website just yet, but email Brian at info@nokick.com and ask for the 5015 HD by name. He'll sell you one!
  7. Yah, it's a thing. I've been through 3 of them already. The new 5015 HD version they have out is much much better than the 5007. Stiffer spring and better/more resistant hydraulics
  8. JP GMR's, Palmetto state are some common ones.
  9. I wonder where he holds the rifle with all that gas blowing to the sides and top.
  10. Who makes that grip? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. How does running lighter steel weights affect the recoil or dot movement? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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