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  1. I ended up getting the 13.5 and I have nothing but good things to say about it. For the 200yard and in matches it is a dream. It's fast and with the armalite comp it barely moves. Also, I am only shooting 55grain with great results. I shot out to 500 with 55gr and was able to ring the steel.With a Burris Mtac, at a 200yard zero, I am splitting dots for holdovers. But, it is working so well I don't want to change a thing.
  2. I saw this when I was looking around online. Has anybody tried the short barrel? If so, can you get decent accuracy out of the 13.5in barrel? Also, does it handle well compared to an 18"? I was thinking about getting just the upper and wanted to see what the opinions are on it. Thanks.
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