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  1. I have a RL550B, and I like it. I have seen some statements made about poor accuracy with Dillon ammo, I know this to be BS for the most part NOTE folks these are not MY words, I see no basis for them, I'm pretty picky about my ammo and I do not see these defects in the ammo I make on my RL550B. I know there have to be a ton of guys here with very accurate Dillon made ammo, I know the AMU uses the machines as do a lot of other people who reload for competition. Hep a brother out here with some little tiny dillon ammo groups. Bill
  2. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?t=1694 http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?t=1706&page=2 The above links are for two new group buys we have going on....the data for each bullet is in the link provided, please register and post on the threads if you want IN Bill
  3. Also, and this is just me, but are you having problems ?? if it isnt fixed don't break it....err or maybe the other way round. Bill
  4. For me it came down to $$, adding up the additional cost, and the fact that each toolhead and conversion for the 650 costs more, the 550 won the coin toss. also used conversions for the 550 seem much more plentiful. Don't forget to factor in the cost of the casefeeder and conversions for it as well, the 650 to me seems silly without a case feeder. Bill
  5. It took some digging but I found Clays data for lots of ctg. in the "Cowboy" section, it seems dumb to me to spread loading data all over the place, put all the 44 mag loads together and let the cowboys sort theirs out, or color code or such...sheesh hehe Bill
  6. This Range Rod is measuring the MINOR dia of the bbl (lands) ?? differant makers have differant ideas about what size the minor should be, the largest dia however at the bottom of the grooves is what will measure .357 or .355 depending on caliber. Bill Thnx for your input. I did use what you call full wadcutters - if you refer to the OAL of the round. I have no feeding problems with the 52-2, but can't get the gun shooting straight. You are right: I'm using .357 bullets in my SIG210. I have no accuracy problems with that gun. But you are wrong about the diameter of the SIG210-barrel. Take the range-rod Brownells offers and put it into your S&W-revolver, remember the feel, try the same rod in your S&W Mod 52-2 and in a SIG210-barrel. My findings were that if I use the Match-Range-Rod .357 it only fits into the S&W revolver barrel if this is clean, no shot through. With the SIG210 I can shoot 100 rounds and the same rod still fits into the barrel. With my 52-2 the rod does not fit into the barrel at all. So the diameters of the barrels are: SIG 210 .357 + S&W revolver .357+/- S&W 52-2 less than .357 thnx so far BSE1911 <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  7. I have been a machinest/tool-diemaker for over 20 years, on the calipers, I have used several brands over the years, the Mitutoyo digimatic are the BEST hands down, they do not get dirt in them like a rack and pinion caliper, they are extremely accurate, and they do not get the mechanical wear down in the small size range that mess's with mechanical calipers. a 4" set of mitutoyo should do almost all reloading tasks...and the battery lasts me 6 months to a year and I never turn them off. The ID measurment on the Mit's is amazing, I have had access to ID Gage set rings and every set I ever had was within .0005" I would not scrimp on a powder scale, or on measuring tools, also needed is a 0-1 micrometer with .0001" measurement. Bill
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