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  1. Ive recently bought a Glock 17 that i intend to use for production division.Im very happy with the gun so far,it shoots well and has been 100% reliable. The one thing I find annoying is that it ejects cases(consistently)onto the top of my head or into my face,this is pretty distracting Has anyone had experience in adjusting a Glock ejector?Ive had a number of 1911's over the years that I have adjusted the angles on the ejectors,but the Glocks dont have as much material to work with.Im sure I could get different ejection patterns by changing loads/springs,but Ive got a great load developed and in IPSC production,its not OK to change springs to lighter aftermarket ones
  2. MAny thanks for the reply and info splashdown. I am in Canada ,so the rules do differ from USPSA. The rules in production can sometimes be a bit grey,but I got a good lead from another member of this forum who put me onto the IPSC global village site,which answered a lot of my questions
  3. Ive been thinking of ordering these parts for my Beretta 92 for use in IPSC production division,but want to check before I actually do so to be sure they are legal. I want to order a trigger with an adjustment stop for overtravel and an extended mag release,as well as a metal guide rod.These are made in the Beretta factory(Im ordering directly from Italy).They drop in without alterations to the gun,obviously they are not standard parts. Im well aware that aftermarket parts(fron non OFM sources) are not legal,but what about these? Many thanks in advance for the replies!
  4. Ive found that what works really well for me is to get a large(old) beach towel,put a few dabs of LEE case lube on the towel,spread the "blobs" of lube out a bit,then pour on a 1000 or so cases at a time,then pick the whole lot up an agitate it to and fro for a minute os so.Puts a really fine layer of lube on. LEE lube is a lot cheaper than the spray lubes and lasts for quite a few thousand rounds of reloading.I usually tumble the rounds for a few minutes after loading them to get the lube off.
  5. I routinely(every few months) detail strip the frame of my SVI open gun(double stack,polymer frame) for a cleaning.I usually take the frame part off the grip,and then use brake cleaner to flush out the frame.Its a bit of a hassle taking off the grips each time and I also dont think that it does the grips any good . The question that I have is,would it be harmful to the polymer grips to simply leave them attached to the frame and use the brake cleaner on them and the frame?Anyone had any bad things happen to the polymer grips on double stacks using brake cleaner?
  6. I have a 45 Trojan 5 inch barrel.It was a real problem getting the gun to work,very frustrating.Typically the first round in a 10 round mag would nosedive,but there were also many other rounds that jammed in any sequence in the mag.I eventually solved the problem by replacing the mag release with a standard release(I didnt like the raised mag release of STI anyway)and used Tripp cobra mags exclusively(I had no luck with CMC,metalform or wilson mags)and they work great.Strangely enough,the gun works best with SWC's loaded short to 1.234".I also replaced the recoil spring with an 18ib ISMI,which seems to help feeding. As an aside I also polished the feedramp,breechface and this seemed to help the feeding as well.The extractor was also completely out of spec,being far too long and jamming into the shell groove .I replaced this with a wilson extractor. Ive had about 1500 trouble free rounds through the gun now with no jams and I otherwise like the Trojan,but I nearly sold the gun in the beginning after almost giving up getting it to work.After seeing the numerous other posts of people having similar problems with their Trojans,its a pity that this happens so often in a pistol of that price that you would expect to work properly out of the box.(OTOH,at about the same time that I bought the Trojan,I bought a NIB Norinco 45,which while not as smooth as the STI,certainly has given me much less problems,at a 1/4 of the price of the STI!)
  7. Thanks for all the helpful info,thanks 300lb gorilla for those links.This forum is great for getting good advice from people who obviously have insight Im up here in Canada,and as such can only load 10 rds into a mag,some of the posts got me thinking that,unlike inserting a fully loaded mag,which being fully compressed and absorbing a lot of the impact on the top round,a partially loaded mag still has a long way to be fully compressed and thus impact would be transferred to the mag release and the grip,and it seems reasonable that a crack would develop.Also remember,that due to these weird laws we end up doing a lot more reloads during a match compared to you US guys!
  8. I have had good luck with the frontier 124 FP in my 9mm Berretta and in my 45(230 RN).They shoot as well as jacketed and are only slightly more expensive than lead around here. I cant say the same about my open gun(38S PF 168).Ive tried both the 124 and 115 gr,and the grouping was terrible,difficult to keep all the shots on an IPSC target at 25m.I get the impression that the bullets were too soft at that velocity to engage the rifling properly.Im sure there are others who have been OK with this. Ill continue to use them in my 9mm and 45 as they are otherwise a good product
  9. Thanks for the replies,lots of food for thought.Practicing reloads with empty mags certainly makes sense as to cracking in that location My grip is a standard,unmodified grip
  10. I have a SVI 38S racegun,in which the grips cracked after 3K.In a fairly typical spot,on the right side at the mag release hole at the 2 o clock position,and also at the front edge of the checkering of the grip on the right.I put it down to bad luck,ordered another grip,and after another 2K,the same cracks appeared !.Now I didnt want to be spending $120 every few thousand rounds getting a new grip,so Ive just left it as is,and after another few thousand rounds,the gun still functions fine. Strangely enough,on my previous gun,which was set up almost in the same way,I had 40K through it with the same grip,never a problem,and the only difference is that on the old gun,I shot exclusively 124gr bullets,while on the new one I shoot only 115gr.Im wondering if the 115 gr bullets are harder on the gun,subjecting the grips to more forces?Both rounds were loaded to a PF of 167. Has anyone had the same experience?is there any company that repairs this problem?any ideas whether SVI would replace a grip such as this?
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