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  1. Don't forget to work your grip! I found a thread on here about grippers and I picked up captains of crush T, 1, and 2.
  2. Hey, Rick. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Welcome to the forum. There's a ton of great info here. Be sure to use the search feature!
  4. Welcome to the forum. I started with an M&P 40L, solid gat. Good luck!
  5. On ranges that disallow holsters I've practiced with pistol at the low ready position and my support hand on my belly. Safety off, aim and acquire grip, fire x2, repeat. Helped with my sight picture acquisition speed, consistent grip, and double tap. Grab a target with multiple bullseyes and throw two at each for a bit of quick transition work.
  6. Thanks for passing along your experience. I will show your post to a new shooter who is going to start this year.
  7. I agree with the M&P crowd. Many backstraps to use as he grows and the Apex flat trigger is very smooth and affordable. It's what I started with.
  8. +1 for the GPS backpack. Holds both the Wife's and mine gats, ammo, safety gear, tools, and more.
  9. I wonder how many folks who started shooting revo just had one fit for competition laying around so a holster and clips wasn't a huge leap. I can't see dropping 1k just to get started in that division. I'm in the "don't want to buy more gear" camp, personally.
  10. Atlas now has a high grip ambi safety available. I was lucky enough to get in on some test runs from Adam. It's really a no brainer.
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