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  1. @rowdyb has a thread going on his Titan journey. I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for a while, decided on Atlas, and was wondering which to run for limited. I decided on the Nemesis after speaking with Adam at Atlas. I can confirm the exceptional customer service btw. I emailed him a question and he responded within minutes to give him a call directly.
  2. Just came across this thread. @Posvar how is the grip?
  3. Welcome from uptown Charlotte. Please look into Carolina Shooters Club if you haven't already done so.
  4. I had the same problem. Tried several of the suggested fixes with no luck until I bought a new trigger bar. Installed and never had the problem again.
  5. It makes perfect sense... The minor shooters have a disadvantage in points BECAUSE they have the advantage in recoil and capacity... It's very simple and logical.
  6. Support your local gun store.
  7. I shoot limited with my Smith & Wesson. M&P40 5" CORE Dawson sights-red fiber front/blacked out back Apex flat faced trigger with internals SSS tungsten guide rod #17 lb. recoil spring SSS limited brass magwell LF Arms extended mag release Talon sand paper grips Taran +5 base pads Waiting on the barrel to wear and I'll grab a kkm.
  8. was also having a trigger recovery (dead trigger) problem so I thought I'd post some feedback on how I fixed mine... After I installed the apex flat faced trigger, forward set sear, and ram I dry fired and everything was great as far as reset and trigger recovery. Took her out to the range and had some problems. I was able to shoot a few rounds and then the trigger would not recover. It was only a live fire problem. I tried a deep cleaning with no difference. Tried the stock sear spring with no difference. Was going to try a MA company sear spring but could not find one in stock. I had heard about some m&ps having bent trigger bars that excessively rubbed the frame and that sounded like mine. When I replaced the trigger bar I was able to see that it came in at a bit of a different angle, making no contact with the frame, and have had no trigger recovery issues since. Good luck! Edit: old trigger bar had an "H" stamp and the one I put in has an "S".
  9. +1 for talon granulate. If you're looking for stippled backstraps checkout a2 stippling. I have an unused large stippled strap I'll trade.
  10. I've had experience with stippling but it's never as good as a talon grip. The granulate is the best grip available imo and it will stay on but it's not permanent like a stippling job.
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