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  1. Thanks for the reply and suggestions guys. I feel a little bit more at ease running it this way for a short while. I hate to just chuck this new out barrel out the window.
  2. Hello guys. I was hoping you all could answer a question for me. I recently bought an Apex semi-drop in barrel for my M&P pistol. Unfortunately, during fitting, I cut the barrel hood length too short and now the only thing making contact with the breech face of the slide is the actual base of the cartridge instead of the back of the barrel hood when the gun is in full battery. There is zero headspace between the shell casing and the breech face. However, I function tested the gun and it shoots well, still accurate even, and also has been feeding reliably after 200 rounds through it. My fear is that with only the base of the bullet contacting the breech face every time the gun slams shut into battery that I am doing long term harm to it by running it this way. Will I eventually put a dent the shape of a circle in the guns breech face? Am I doing other harm to the gun by running it this way? I have no problem just buying a new barrel and starting over the right way if this will harm my gun long term. But if not, then I may run this barrel for a few matches until I feel I got my money's worth before buying a new barrel. Here is a picture of how much gap there is between the breech face and the back of the barrel hood... http://i68.tinypic.com/34j7r5c.jpg[/IMG]
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