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  1. Thanks for the info. As far as trying my luck at a random pick, the only thing I can count on is my bad luck. I was hoping to take it out of the equation. If I could just buy a new motor for $25ish I wouldnt be as sour, but since it's older I have to send it in, $25 shipping, buy a motor $25 ish, and ship it back $25. For $75 I can pick up something else, I only paid a little more than that to begin with for it. It seems pretty common that the dillons burn out in a year from searching the comments here. It would be nice if they could identify what updates need to be made without sending the whole unit back in, and save 2 way shipping costs. I'm down on luck at the moment as usual, haven't worked in months and I just don't have the $$ for a 2000. I am thrilled with my other dillon equipment and would if i could. I'll try the glue it back together suggestion first. Thanks.
  2. I'm a little unhappy with the motor burnout on my cv-500 and I was wondering what the popular alternatives are. In particular, I like the size of the cv-500 and most of the other tumblers I see seem to be smaller. Is there a same size tumbler that has a motor that lasts more than a year?
  3. OK, I don't know why I'm still at it, but after the insults I feel I need to try and explain myself one more time, as I obviously have not done a good job of it so far. Last trip to the local IDPA match my friend could not go so I was by myself and I basically knew absolutely no one there. I have no idea which guy has been shooting for years, which guy picked up a gun for the first time today, or the worst case, which guy picked up a gun today for the first time and is acting like he has been shooting for years. So I'm sitting out a pasting, having done my share earlier, and there is guy walking around air gunning. No biggy I'm not anywhere close to him, but it's an obvious violation. I watch the guy some more an realize he never pastes, he airguns every stage, and he has his finger on the trigger most of the time when he's moving during his string. I formed an immediate distrust. Whether or not I am justified is irrelevant, I don't trust him, he is registered in my mind as an unsafe shooter. Now my feeling on airgunning being a safety issue is specifically addressed at that person sticking an air gun in my face. I am going to react, and I'm not 100% sure how, but self defense seems reasonable because I know this guy is not safe. I'm not talking about getting up and walking over to him, i'm talking about a specific instance where someone you don't know and don't trust sticks his 'airgun' in your face. And I will further qualify that with anything closer than 2 feet from my face and I don't know if it's a gun or not, this is a comon condition and why I carry reading glasses. The SO in our group, after the 3rd stage told him to stop, "it bothers the other shooters" to which I thanked him and agreed - although I guess in retrospect it bothered me in a different way than apparently everyone else. What can I say, I am a safety freak - I was thinking that would be a good thing in shooting sports.
  4. Yep I would have to agree with you flex monkey. But that isnt what I said, it is just what it keeps getting twisted into. So now that I know my personal opinion is wrong (how could I possibly have formed my own opinion?) I will just drop it. Hovering inverted is extremly hard. It was a life long goal for me and I have almost quit flying since achieving it. Flying an RC helicopter in general is often compared to balancing a marble on a beach ball. Flying it upside down is a magnitude of difficulty beyond that. Peace.
  5. spiked

    Bad Bullets

    I bought a case gauge this week and the rounds will not drop into it either. I don't think its a barel problem. I am reloading on a fairly new 650. I have had zero problems with loaded rounds otherwise. I guess I might have done loaded 5k so far, both lead and jacketed. Maybe it is something i'm doing wrong, but I can't imagine what it would be. if 10mm = .40, I think .401 is what is considered a 'little' oversized. Jacketed bullets measure .400, other leads bullets measure .401 and that is what these were supposed to be. .4025 is a bit too much.
  6. spiked

    Bad Bullets

    good find. You probably nailed it. Now I am back to what is the best option. I don't know anyone currently making bullets or I would just give them the bullets for lead (assuming that's even doable, I don't know). I probably will open the other 3 boxes hoping to find something usable, but i have my doubts.
  7. Crusher, you and I are in agreement. What I am saying is, that for example, if I was walking through a 'clear the house' scenario, and someone came around the corner and by accident an 'air gun' was sticking in my face, my reaction is going to be at very least to quickly move my foot to his groin (knowing d4mn well he doesn't have a loaded gun). Is it so far of a stretch to understand that someone might act like that? The no air-gunning rule is a rule I accept because I feel it is a safety issue. There are obviously people who do not think its a safety issue. Some think it is all about an advantage gained as opposed to just walking through ...[edit] The fact that USPSA allows air-gunning is fine with me. Like I said, I've never been to a USPSA match, I don't know anything about them and I don't know the circumstances that air gunning is allowed. I understand and respect there is different opinions. I was merely sharing mine. And again, part of my opinion stems from being around 'experts' who are not safe. As far as a top shooter being unsafe - I once heard about someone tossing a loaded round into a box of loaded rounds from waste height and setting off several in the process. I hope I don't embarrass (or anger) him because I really like him, but what was he thinking?
  8. That could be, I've never been to a USPSA match. If I was, and someone was air gunning, and all of sudden pointed at me, I might very well respond in an reflex only manner. Its a reaction that comes from being around too many NRA instructors and FBI agents that wouldn't know gun safety if it bit them in the 4ss. I assume from watching videos of some of the top shooters this is the case with them too.
  9. At the local match I go to, the SO walks everyone through the course of fire, but in the stages where it is important, like clearing a house, only the first 2 or 3 people can see what is being talked about and how it applies. Now the rule books say no individual walkthroughs, but of course everyone who wasn’t privy to being the first in line during the group walkthrough ALWAYS walks through again, and I can guarantee they all are at least air gunning in their heads. BTW, the rule against air gunning IMHO is not against practicing, it's about a group of people walking around with (potentially) loaded side arms and when you see someone aiming; your initial reaction would be to that of a real threat. It's a safety issue. The rules at my local matches are selectively enforced. I had an SO tell me my holster was too far forward. I countered that I could fit a cigarette pack between him and his holster (C2F), that his pants where designed to hold the holster and gun at a specific angle (tactical only clothing F3), and that 4 out the 6 stages of the match violated the rules book (Cof2, Cof5, Cof18, Cof20). I don't think he was expecting to find someone that had actually read the rule book. He then gave me a FTN penalty for a hiding target when I had a FTF (PP3b), I kinda laugh it all off. Some take the one half of the rules they know too seriously. I'm just there to have fun.
  10. spiked

    Bad Bullets

    Just a follow up. After not hearing any replies from a web inquiry for over 2 weeks I went ahead and called the company. I told the guy I had left 3 boxes unopened just to be sure there wouldnt be any problems. He basically said it was between me and the guy I bought them from (even though guy claimed to be a dealer). He said "I have seen people using our boxes before." Maybe he's right, but i really doubt it. Buyers beware. Then I sent an email to the guy I bought them from on eBay, Cody1366, and he replied that "This leads me to question your barrel dimensions and secondly the process you are using for reloading." WTF? He doesn't know me, I have indicated that the bullets are clearly the wrong size, why in the world would he question me? Something about this whole deal stinks. When both the manufacturer and the dealer are quick to deny any problem exists I think its safe to say they both knew there was a problem to begin with. Again, buyers beware.
  11. spiked

    Bad Bullets

    Where did you see .402? I'm looking at http://nationalbullet.com/index.php?name=40_Cal_Bullets and it says .401 I do have a lee FCD currently in my .40 die head - I suppose I could try it - but I've always had a fear of compressing (aka distorting) the bullet - but I suppose its the best/easiest course of action. The barrel I'm using is brand new and it was driving tacks with Hornady 180s (LSWC also). With these bullets im lucky to hit a 6" plate. I've tried quite a few powder variations and have to hand pick out the ones that will chamber to try them. Live and learn Thanks
  12. Okay, I got some bad bullets off eBay. I purchased 2000 10mm bullets (National Bullet Company brand) that came in 4 boxes of 500. After opening th first box, it has become obvious they measure .402 and will not chamber when used in reloading. I have not opened the other three boxes. I am assuming these were sold on eBay (at a reduced cost) for a reason and that I might have a better chance returning them to the manufacturer if i don't open the boxes. But so far the manufacturer has not responded. What is the best course of action? a ) melt em down and give the lead to someone else? b ) buy and use a resizer on them c ) get angry with the eBay seller d ) get angry with the manufacturer e ) gamble that its just one bad box and open the other 3 I do a lot of dealings on eBay, including a lot of brass - this is the first time i've had problems
  13. I also have a 650. Love it. But just for a contrasting story and to prove that the Dillon guys are human; My 650 came without the ejection wire. I called in, was told "its on the way". 2 weeks, nothing. Called again, "It's on the way". 2 weeks; nothing. Called again (Over a month of down time on a new machine if I hadn't bent a wire on my own). "I'll federal express one." Arrived the next day. Sent an email thanking them, and asking what happened to the first 2. Received a unsigned smart 4ss reply that my "mailman must like shiny objects." 2 months later (3 months from asking) - received 2 packages, torn, repaired, with a spring wire protruding through a package that was obviously not correct for the spring. Because of that, it had to be manually handled each step of the way. Had it been packed correctly, they would have arrived in good time. So, the guys are great, the have great service (intentions), but they can occasionally do some dumb things. But I love them anyhow
  14. I started with a 650 - the auto indexing was the deciding factor for me. After I got it, I asked about the powder check, and well, no one really could justify its cost to me but a lot of people insisted it was good insurance. Since then I found Hornady makes something called a Powder Cop, and RCBS also has a powder check die that will lock up the machine - both are significantly less costs than the Dillon fancy version. I bought the Hornady one. It gives me an easy visual that is as good as looking in the case without having to look in the case (the mirror ideas sounds intriguing as well). The money I saved went towards bullets. I have the impression that a squib or double load on a 650 is 99.9999% of the time a user error. If you are someone who tends to make mistakes (or lose concentration) while doing something like reloading, then maybe you need the fancy check system, but then again, should you be reloading? Pay attention to what you are doing and I doubt if a 650 would ever throw a dangerous load. my $.02
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