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  1. I have an Ultra 9 for my 6.5CM and love it. I also have about 7 cans from SilencerCo. and they haven't let me down yet. I just keep one on each rifle, dial them in with them on and leave them. If you get the Ultra or an Omega, make sure you check out Area 419 and the quick attachment they have. Makes life really easy for taking on and off if needed.
  2. That is what I was told buy the gun builder to use. And that was a typo! Not 1740, 1440! Did some loads on chrono this weekend. Settled with 7.8gr VV350, put me at a 170pf. Typo on that 1740! Probably would not be typing this right now.
  3. Just got an open gun with 3 holes. I started with 8.4 and was was to hot. Down to 8.2 and still pushing 1740fps. Just did two more loads at 8.0 and 7.8 to try out tomorrow.
  4. I'm interested in some coaching in AZ also. Talked with Danny, so may go that route but would like to have a few options to choose from.
  5. What are the dimensions on that? I'm trying to figure out how much depth I actually need on my bench before I build it. I like that L-shape.
  6. I'm running 4.0 e3, 1.180, gets me major. 3.7 gets me down in the minor area. I started at 3.5 and worked up when I did my load.
  7. you probably have it on backwards then.
  8. I just recieved it in the mail a day ago. So far havn't done to much with it. the packaging is great, comes in a nice pelican box. I've been using it for dry fire right now to test it out. I have the adapter for the bottom of the mag so I can use it in my holster. it doesn't pick up to great on that part but it picks up good on the rail. I'm taking it out to the range on Monday for some life fire testing. I'll get back next week after range day. So far on the dry fire, i can see some potential with it, just can't give an honest opinion yet. Not enough time with it.
  9. Oh I've seen that video. Ive got the not aiming down great! I shot at PRGC once before. Will back out that way in oct for the match.
  10. I'm looking at getting some coaching in AZ, who do you guys recommend in the area? I'm shooting USPSA and wanting to work on skills before I build up to many more bad habits.
  11. Let me look when I get back home on Monday.

    I believe I have a 38 super tool head set up, dies & such. (not sure if Super or Super Comp)

    Conversion kit ~ not 100% sure on that part.


    Shooting Area 8 this weekend.

    1. TacticalJesus


      that will work.  Just let me know what you have.  

      Thank you

    2. TacticalJesus


      Hey Dennis, just checking in.  



  12. I have one in the mail, will update as soon as I get it.
  13. Sorry man i'm a newb

    1. TacticalJesus


      no worries man.  doesn't bother me but there are a few guys that will let you know.  I've been on a couple years and only have 68 post.  its hard to get post when all the questions have been asked at some point.  Wish I would have seen your pistol a while ago.  just got a 38SC.  shoot me a pic anyways.  


    2. TacticalJesus


      Also go on your profile and complete all the items.  You will not be able to post in classifieds until all that is in there.  Guys will give you the third degree if any red flags pop up.   

    3. GrumpyOne


      And they have.

  14. it ended on the 3rd of Aug. They do the sale every now and then.
  15. I'm just getting into 38SC also and I found most people are saying to use the #3 shellplate. Keeps 9mm brass out by accident. Dillion makes a 38 Super conversion kit. Curious to see what other say on here. I have the 650 so they make a SC for it but I thought the brass was pretty much the same minus the rim being different . I'll ask a couple buddies that load and see what they say about this.
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