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  1. I bought this one off a FB group, new but missing the instructions. Ltdstr posted screenshots of something I've never seen before. I've scoured a ton of posts here on the forum as well and notice you're more snippy than most at questions posed. I've read your book and you've been a great help with all the other content you put out and I really appreciate that but man...why do you have to always assume people are being lazy or always have the information right in front of them and are just ignoring it? Everyone else in the thread, thank you. I'll give that all a try and give it a go again.
  2. I know this is a bit old now but I’m wondering if you’re still running it and what your thoughts are on it? I haven’t found any real reviews on it.
  3. So I know this isn't a drop-in part normally and could use some guidance. I couldn't find much on how to do this when searching this forum or Youtube and using it as-is, it's not feeding consistently, mostly not going into battery all the way. It does seem to eject perfectly though. I would like to get this extractor working in my 9mm open but can't seem to find instructions I can understand to get this done. I read somewhere to bezel the groove in the FPS so that it can pivot, but how much, and I question if I'm even doing it right cause I can't find a decent picture to compare it to. I also read you normally don't have to mess with the hook, even though my stock one is rounded and polished. But I question that now cause of the inconsistent feeding. Can anyone point me to something that holds my hand thru this process? thanks in advance.
  4. I'm pretty sure N350 is what Sailor uses in his open guns. No idea about it myself. I'm an HS-6 guy.
  5. Using a 2011 in open for USPSA and carry a sig 938 with a spare mag all year round
  6. This is what I would really like to do ultimately but finding a range and getting a club off the ground seems a bit daunting.
  7. Yeah, that's my limit for a regular match. I wish I had more options where I lived.
  8. Just looking to get other's opinion on this one. Is an hour and a half too far for you for an outdoor pistol range that allows movement and USPSA style shooting? For me, that's really damn far to train, which since I work a Mon-Fri 9-5, is only available on Sat. there, unless I took a day off of work, which couldn't happen consistently since I would run out of PTO. And it stands to reason Sat. would more than likely be busy making it even more difficult. I know dryfire is the obvious choice but I would rather not test my dryfire at the actual matches.
  9. Why the shock buffs? Wouldn't that essentially negate the stroking?
  10. Do you mind sharing what you learned from those guys? I also run an Akai in 9 major and I don't have a lot of info about it in regards to what you've mentioned above. In fact, I had to learn about cutting a coil off the recoil spring from a podcast since it's a stroked gun.
  11. What kind of PF are you getting with that? My same barrel from him is doing fine with 8.6-8.8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you for everyone's help. I'll just take steps to fix this as you all suggested and move on from there.
  13. Awesome. I was a bit worried to the point that I just replaced the mag. Guess I'll keep it for now.
  14. So this is a new 9major gun on a PT frame and a STI grip. I went with a MBX mag for my reload mag. After a few practice sessions\matches, I noticed the mag lip was dented. I took the gun apart and found what is in the pictures. After a little more investigation, the front high corner of any older STI, SVI, or new MBX mag makes contact with the bottom squared corner of the feed ramp. Due to the way the gen2 STI mags are cut, they are free and clear. I have confirmed that the marring on the underside of the feedramp does not affect feeding or function of the gun, at least from what I can tell. I guess my question is, do I have a major issue here? I don't mind using the STI mags. They've worked great for me. Also, is this issue a problem with the grip by chance? Because I've been saving to move to an EVO one of these day and if that will clear this up, all the better. Any opinions or advice is appreciated.
  15. I checked Brazo's sight and only saw mounts RTS mostly, nothing about the loop-pold.
  16. What's the deal with having to file the pad in order to center it? How goofy does it look if you don't do that?
  17. So I'm making the switch to DPP from a slide ride (ty 9major) and need to find a mount for a PT frame. I'm leaning towards an Atlas since they also use the PT frames in their builds. Anybody have any suggestions for a single sided mount?
  18. They come in 2 packs, just assembled as 1 for easier packaging. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. So I got the unmolested teacher in the mail today and it made a huge difference in the tightness. I'm guessing my gunsmith filled just a little too much of the original one.
  20. I'm expecting the new one this week. I'll post an update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Thank you for the pictures. I'm guessing the back of my mag is out of spec based on your picture I guess it could be the spacer is cute too wide, but based on the she if the mags, I don't think so.
  22. I'm running Grams sand the only issue that doesn't seem right at the moment is that the 2nd or 3rd down catches when I'm loading the mag
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