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  1. If you can afford Atlas, Akai, SVI, etc...go for it. If you aren't happy with it, they hold their value pretty well as some people will pay nearly new prices to skip the waiting list.
  2. Not a 3 Gun, but you get the idea. :-) [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e232/thejeanyus/IMG_20161014_174757_zps48ubw8rj.jpg[/IMG] Edit: wtf is the deal with this forum software? Why can't I embed an image?
  3. I don't know anything about the EAA guns, but in that range I'd buy a Springfield Range Officer or Loaded.
  4. Way too much unless it is being upgraded to the equivalent to the Dawson CRP right out of the box.
  5. My 3 STIs chew me up as well. I just let them chew and have a pretty decent callous built up now. My hands are not large at all, but it still gets me. My STI Spartan V was really sharp, so I took some sandpaper and rounded the edge off. Actually there were a lot of really sharp areas on that gun on/around the grip safety that I smoothed out.
  6. I work less than a mile from Remington's plant and use many of the same suppliers. I have seen Remington frames in the white sitting at finishing shops around town with my own eyes. They are definitely machining frames in house.
  7. C class guy with a 2011 checking in. Buy the gun you want/like as you'll be far more likely to practice with it, and practice matters a lot more than what gun you shoot.
  8. Single action only is not legal for carry optics.
  9. You can use basically anything you want in Limited except comps/ports and optics.
  10. Remington is making the frames. It's a Para-style frame (Remington owns Para).
  11. I have 2 2011s in 40. I use STI mags for practice and MBX for matches. Just don't want to beat my MBX mags up any more than I have to since I only have 4. My guns both run fine with either.
  12. While mine has had a couple relatively minor issues, I will say you have to keep in mind that not many people start threads to say "Just wanted to let everyone know my DVC worked fine today".
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