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  1. yeah that's what I was thinking as well. I mean since CO takes majority of the rules from production. I guess for Production since the CZ's have been dominate they needed to change the rules for others to keep up. So far I think the ones with complaints about the Production rules that I have seen on the inter webs have been the CZ crowd.
  2. Reading the rules does this Change the weight in Carry Optics as well to allowing 4 oz over the max weight?
  3. Package arrived  the other day.  Everything looks great.


    Same day my laptop decided to stop working, thus me being late in getting back to you.


    Thank You again.



    1. audani77


      you're welcome brother glad you got it!

  4. Invictus 12Q - I will take them both.


    Please send me your address & I will ship out a Postal Money Order.


    Dennis Ford



    23-D Happy Hollow Circle

    Stratford, CT.  06614

  5. do you have to do modifications to the STI trigger frame to allow the X-Line Vario to work?
  6. Has the bullet feeder been traded yet.

  7. I have an RMR 07 6.5 dot. Was on a 34 mos for one club match. If you are interested let me know.

    Rick VanBlaricum FY48392



  8. audani77


    What powder are you using? I shoot 125 RN Blue Bullets with TG, thinking about switching to 147g and TG.
  9. thanks brother I was making sure. The Hodgons website said OAL of 1.067 with 2.5g starting.
  10. sorry to resurrect an old thread. I have some 125g Hornady HAP .356 and I saw this thread. How reliable is this load data? I plan on making up loads for my STI DVC in 9mm.
  11. I have a DVC Limited 9mm I only have about 600 rounds through the pipe so it's still in the break in period. So far, no issues.
  12. Shot my loads from 3.3-3.6 none of them got me into the 900fps. I am also using a COL of 1.15. I'm using Blue Bullets 125 RN. Does anyone have any recipes?
  13. Following, I'm currently new to reloading and I'm using 125g RN Blue Bullets. I started my load from 3.3g-3.6g TG all of them OAL at 1.15 just to be on the safe side. Hogdons website says for 125g min load is 3.6 with a max of 3.8. I'll be running it through my STI DVC tomorrow to see what it likes. I haven't played with OAL. I use Atlanta Arms 147g with an OAL 1.15 and it runs fine in my pistol.
  14. Any recommendations on a Gunsmith to Tune my DVC Limited in 9mm?
  15. who shoots those? Ninjas, damn ninjas!
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