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  1. Clairton in Western Pennsylvania is going to have a league this year and the match director asked me to look for trophies. I'm having a hard time finding trophies for IPSC. Any recommendations?
  2. The stupid thing is - it doesn't have to be this program vs. this other program at a club. We were always very supportive of the other programs at the club (except that the other programs were extremely unsafe but we tried to keep the look of horror on our faces down to a minimum )
  3. 1. Yeah, the Iron Giant was anti-gun pablum though entertaining for a cartoon. That was the hook to get me to look into this thread. <slight drift> 2. Cool, someone else likes Kurosawa. Yojimbo had a very minor anti-gun thematic element, but it was more of an anti-west(firearms) vs eastern swords theme since this movie sure as heck wasn't anti-weapons. IFC plays sumarai films every saturday. Check out if you can Samurai Rebellion and Sword of Doom with Mifune. I'm assuming that you have seen Kurosawa's Sanjuro , Hidden Fortress and the Seven Samurai (which is sooooooooooo much
  4. My home club(logans ferry) that I worked at for the last year has booted us out. Apparently our once a month matches and financial independence from club resources was "taking over the club". (Needless to say, there is more to this story but I'm trying to make a dignified exit and the easiest way not to get into an argument is to not start one.) For all the members of this board who have shot at (what was once) our club, thank you for your patronage. Houston has plans. I'm sure that we will be doing something else in some capacity somewhere else.
  5. Oh, and feel free to recommend any hearing protection products that you like.
  6. My beagle finally got around to destroying my muffs so I'm looking for new hearing protection. I would like to switch to the inside the ear plugs with the microphones but I heard that there is a bone right behind the ear that is used for hearing that is not protected by the plugs but is protected by the muffs. Basically - in terms of long term hearing protection - what are the pros and cons of plugs vs muffs?
  7. Thanks, That's a good one. The numbers between the KKM barrel and the stock glock barrel were what I was looking for. With group diameters of 3.1 and 2.7 at 25 yards, I'm looking at point of aim radiuses of 1.55 and 1.35. So at 50 yards, the KKM barrel will get me a whopping .40 inches closer to where the the sights were lined up on. To me this is negligible accuracy for IPSC.
  8. I'm thinking about getting a glock for Limited Division competition and am considering getting a caspian slide and a match grade barrel. Has anybody every compared the results of factory glock parts vs. aftermarket parts. I would like to get some quantified number as to how much accurate one is over the other. An inch at 50 yards might be a lot for bullseye, but won't really do anything for me in IPSC.
  9. LOL. I posted a WTB in the classifieds about 10 minutes ago. Wanting one and finding one for a decent price might be two different things. I was just at the gun show at the Monoreville Expo Mart today and couldn't find one. They had a nice selection of full auto weapons but no G24.
  10. Ok. I got a reply from Amidon. ------------------------- Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back with you, have been tied up with the Match Directors workshop this past weekend. What you are asking would not be allowed under external modifications, it would make it a prototype, and these are specifically not allowed. DVC, John Amidon --------------------------------- Issue resolved.
  11. Sure, but certain results on a different platform would seem to give some inductive evidence that they may occur on another platform being as how they both are more similiar than dissimiliar.
  12. Ok, the first numbers that I gave for the glocks were guestimates. There are the accurate ones from off of the glock website. 5.3 Inch 6 Inch --------- ------- A=22 A=22 B=29.56 B=30.07 C=1800 C=1800 D=.01 D=.01 5.3 Inch - 3.19 Inch 6.0 Inch - 2.99 Inch 6.69% better
  13. Is it just a matter of balance then? Because issues of frame speed have been worked out already with 1911 6inch gun users by skeletonizing the frame.
  14. OK, I got it now. Even if you have the same sight picture, the longer sight radius will give you a more accurate shot. I wrote a formula for it awhile ago and just remembered working on this problem before. I think that I might have posted this before but here it is in case I didn't. a= distance from eye to rear sight b= distance from eye to front sight c= eye to point of impact d= arbitrary amount of misalignment of the sights. ( (D/A)*B ) (------------) * C ( B-A ) (This formula is a pain in the butt to get to look right.) It can also be written as
  15. So that I basically understand what you're saying - Essentially are you both paraphrasing what I originally said? "Is it a matter of the front sight being (visually) smaller (from being further away) thereby being a more precise intrument for being lined up on a target and in the rear sight."(and being smaller makes the rear sight more precise too) and that Caspian is saying that it is a trade off. Precision for accuracy and vice-versa. A longer sight radius gets accuracy for a tradeoff in speed.
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