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  1. ^Thanks, man. I emailed him. He said the site is gone and he doesn't have any pistols anymore but if I wanted to send one in I could and he'd customize it. Rich is awesome, hopefully everything is going well for him.
  2. I see his site is now completely different and doesn't have any XDms or accessories up anymore. Actually, he's not a vendor anymore. He simply just stop taking custom work?
  3. Get the S6 Edge+. My S5 runs completely fine so other than upgrading to upgrade, I have no reason too but if I did, that S6 Edge+ is where it's at.
  4. That was light. I just don't understand these type of threads. Yeah, yeah, if you don't like it, don't read it. I'll show myself out.
  5. ^Right? People nowadays want to be cuddled and spoken too like they are the only thing that matters. All I ask is a little respect and be spoken to like an adult. "Oh noes! He sounded grumpy on the phone! I'm going to put their whole company on blast now." No offense, but people are human and have bad days. I've been told for years I sound like an a_-hole on the phone but it's more my monotone voice but I talk to people with respect and they get the help they need.
  6. ^Truth. I didn't change my crimp either when I changed out my Dillon die for the Redding.
  7. I saw it for the simple fact I wanted to see JeBron James in the movie. Her"anti-gun" rant was silly.
  8. I've loaded 500 of the .40 and I like them. I like trying new stuff so I may try a different company next time due to be fairly new to this, but I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.
  9. Looks real good! I have the LCP 380 and I was thinking of putting a laser on it but when carried, if I actually need to use it, I have a hard time seeing the advantage seeing as in how fast it all should happen.
  10. Actually I didn't think if the casefeeder, TDA, I took it as the shell plate. The Casefeeder plate, according to the store, the small one accommodates both 9 & 40. Casefeed Assembly: Pistol, Small $219.95 380/9mm/38 Super/40 S&W (40 works w/Sm or Lg)
  11. Whatever caliber you buy with the press, the appropriate plate will come with it. So if you buy the press with a 40 SW setup, you'll get the bigger plate. If you order the 9mm set up in the future, the quick change kit, you'll get an smaller plate in that kit along with the appropriate accessories to swap out to reload 9. I ordered mine set up with 9, then bought the 40 quick change kit. They are two different plates although I would guess technically, you could use the 40 plate for both I wouldn't recommend it.
  12. I think the bolt pattern for the 550/650 are the same. The 1050 I'm guessing as I don't have one is different. You'd have to drill 8 holes which I wouldn't think would be that big a deal.
  13. Yeah, I believe that's what he means at the bottom where it says 12-13". I think it's a little wider than deeper. Are you trying to make/buy something that is almost the exact size of the base/strong mount you're going to bolt down?
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