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  1. they sent out an email stating that they are getting some primers( used by Tulammo) soon. firstgroup of orders gets those. I opted for the Unix/ginex and will wait.might be september or december before those arrive the cci spp offered were 19 cents pe r primer. They had a lot of them in stock. they seem to only want to sell to gun/ammo dealers( ffls) these days..not private sales. and no credit cards any more either. wonder why the change?
  2. I like elvex rubber plugs+ ms sordin electric muffs
  3. I use corn cob media(usually dillons) and nufinish car polish BEFORE any brass gets near my reloader. a day before I start reloading, I spray hornady one shot lube into a plastic bag, load in some clean brass and give it a good shake to coat the outside of the brass. even though the cases dry off by spraying them a day in advance, the dies tend to pick up carbon and dirt anyway. Every few thousand rounds, I clean out the dies of the gunk that accumulates I clean brass while reloading. it is the only multi tasking I can do by the way, why 2 passes through the reloader? --just curious
  4. ^^ this is the method I use and I do it a few days before I load so the lube dries. I use hornady one shot--zero issues so far
  5. not sure WHAT you are talking about. post was to help those who need primers. not fake or a troll
  6. just letting folks know what is available. your choice to decide if you want them
  7. found this today pricing is better than expected and seen elsewhere. I have been getting ads telling me the new normal will be 12 cents pe rprimer when available--so these are not too bad IMHO https://www.ldbsupply.com/CCI-No-500-Small-Pistol-Primers-5000-Rounds_p_58.html
  8. hodgdon has mor e listed
  9. powder valley just listed select accurate and hodgdon powders.limited availability get it while you can
  10. some fiocchi small pistol primers are available in 1500 primer lots. priced about 16 cents per primer https://thecastlearms.com/product/fiocchi-small-pistol-primers-standard-primer-mixture-1500-primers#product_detail
  11. I had issue s getting ammo to load in a CZ A01SD due to the tight chamber. ended up with a OAL of 1.140" which seems to work in EVERY gun I own. the S+B ammo I tried before my reloads would jam up every 4-5 rounds. I do not htin S+B used a tight enough crimp ad it was the lightly crimped cases that were the issue--not the OAL as with my reloads
  12. boatdoc173

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    just another thank you for the time and effort put in to produce the blog and its posts
  13. forget the gauge for now. have you tried plunk testing the rounds yet? if they load into your guns and eject as expected, you are good to go I had issue swith ONE gun. it required a lower OAL than all of my other guns. I loaded thousands of rounds @ 1.142" and I am good to go with all of my rounds in all of my guns now dillon products are wonderful . They do have a few quirks though. things like the pin that holds the primer chute-- they bend primer magazine tips wear out and primer feed stop pins wear out too.seems like a few of these parts should NOT be plastic(primer feed stop pins for sure)
  14. whether it is a problem with a reloader, gun,car... I hear "I have never seen that before " from the experts. seems to be my M.O
  15. Have loaded on 2 different 550c machines(45 acp+ 9mm) about 5,000 9mm and 2000 45 acp so far(LPP with the 45 acp) I have noted that both machines are failing to drop the primers into the primer cup. I noted the primer feed stop pin was not moving back far enough to drop the primers. Nothing blocking the prime r bar from moving. culprit appears to be the primer feed stop pin wore down just a mm or 2 was all it took to stop the process. just fyi in the future
  16. I used to do just that , so I had time to recheck what I packed. since moving to a different home,, the guns are now stored in the hvac/water heater room becaus e our state demands we have guns and ammo locked up. I found out that my oiled guns dried out by the AM. Now , I pack early in the AM of shooting days . double checking everything and sometimes I end up leaving the extra mags home. my main concern is leaving the required range Ids home--the ranges vary from 10-39 miles from home. Time to pack those the night before with eye and ear pro I think
  17. Mass Ammo had some LPP recently. CCI and federal --19cents a piece.
  18. when this happened to me recently, I had to tighten the shell plate to allow just enough play to move the rounds as I work on them( using my 550c) but not enough play to allow the shells to be loose. and as George said, check the spring holding up the bearing under the plate too as ell as othe r springs in use for thi s purpose
  19. when this happens to me( large primers not small), I have to pull and reseat the primer magazine and then be sure the slide is actually pushing back the small plastic retainer as I pull the handle down during my cycle. many times the slide does NOT fully push back the plastic retainer( the metal strip behind it does NOT open fully so I must be sure that I realign and tighten down the slide in proper alignment to drop primers. not sure WHY this happens. NOW I watch (with each down stroke of the handle) to be sure the metal tab is opening up so a primer can drop
  20. I followed @B.Enos advice and use hornady one shot case lube. did I need to? no the car polish I use to prep the cases makes them shine. HOWEVER @B. Enos was right.adding the one shot to my routine( I prep cases a day or 2 ahead of us eto let them dry first)--made a world of difference. loading is much easier than with just car polish alone. remember to clean out the sizing/decapping die every 2-3,000 rounds loaded. and watch fro gunk build up on the tip of the powder die.alcohol and q tips are your friend
  21. I spoke with Jill@trifusion tactical . They do use these primers when they make ammo and they are a legit company. I placed a test order(pre order) using a credit card. Due here in July( july-september). worth a chance IMHO hoping @andy 9 and @nuBlee have a good report. thanks @andy9 for the tip
  22. Scott is a great person and his company isa top notch gun maker. Glad they took such good care of you gotta love the mamba!!!
  23. 1/4" e -clips for deprimer die extra prime rpick up tips extra primer magazine feeder tips
  24. it is very rare that surgery is needed. icing ,stretching of the calf muscles.cold laser therapy or maybe a cortisone shot and hard shell orthotics are usually all that is needed for > 97% of all people
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