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  1. Maybe you guys are right just drift it and live with it. Gun functions flawlessly and it's super accurate just shoots left. Does anyone know the part or component that would cause this? Maybe a lone wolf barrel would fix it? What do you guys think?
  2. I posted about a month ago about my new G34 shooting left. I had to move the sights to the right to be POA. Before I get everyone saying its my grip and trigger ect it's not. I used a Ransom rest at my range and with the sights centered on the dove tail it shoots 3" left at 20-25ft. It groups very very tight. I had 4 rounds touching. I used a caliper and am positive the sights are centered! Knowing that I have established 100% that my gun shoots left what do I do to fix this? Could it be the barrel. Barrel crown looks normal and the locking block is nice and tight. What will fix this prob
  3. I haven't tried benching it yet. It could be me but I shoot my G17 dead on with the sights centered. Maybe the longer barrel on the 34 is causing me to jerk left. I believe grip is the same for both guns.
  4. When I laser bore sighted it its dead on. Could my grip affect this? It's dead on at about 25 yards.
  5. Hey guys!! I'm a new member here and I have recently gotten into IDPA. I need some advice with the sights I had put on my glock 34. I recently had Warren Tacticle sights installed on my G34. I took it to the range and everything was shooting to the left so I used a laser bore sighter and discovered the sights were in fact off. Rear sight needed to be moved to the right I adjusted the sights so they were perfect and dead on at 15-20 yards. Shot the gun and i was no longer pulling to the left. It was shooting perfect and extremely accurate. Here is the problem. The rear sight is off pre
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