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  1. Late to the party, but as previously stated SH, Accurate Shooter, Precision Rifle Blog and Long Range Hunting are the places I usually wind up. PRS usually evolves or devolves (depending on how you view it) into a reloading game as much as a shooting endeavor in order to maximize performance and save money(lol). It's easy to put on a tin foil hat and go down that rabbit hole. A local DFW resource is http://www.precisionriflehunters.com/run by a fireman who is a great guy, very solid competitor and excellent instructor. http://panhandleprecision.com/ is another blog that has detailed info with youtube videos on PRS reloading and informative articles on topics seldom written about-angles, trajectory changes etc.
  2. I had Adam build a 9mm upper for my .40 Titan, then the Hyperion came out. I shot one and it was great. Better than a 9mm Nemesis? I don't know, I love the Nemesis in .40, but it's a toss up for me between the Nemesis and Titan in .40. If I had a do over, I'd definitely buy a Hyperion over the 9mm Titan upper. For me, the 9mm in the Titan and Nemesis is a little overkill, but a blast to shoot. The Hyperion is a just a great pistol for the 9mm, jrn1975 stated it perfectly.
  3. Kyle Lamb's series of Viking Tactics videos on youtube or his website might be what you want. If you're active duty on an ODA, look at his background for any questions on credibility.
  4. Mike H

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Charlie, really sorry to hear about the fall-knee and back issues suck. I just re-read your book this weekend, and it's more insightful every time I go thru it. Looking forward to your evaluation of the Atlas line, I love mine.
  5. I struggled with developing a load for my JP PCC 16". I use E3 powder for .40 and 9mm pistol and it was way too fast a powder for the PCC. After spending too much time and effort on the process, I ended up settling on HP38 which is a mid to slower range powder. I load a 124gr JHP with 4.7 grains of HP38, 1.135 OAL for a PF of 140. The rifle cycles great at that PF. for my preference. HP38 is easy for me to obtain, doesn't seem to to be temperature sensitive, incredibly accurate, meters well and the price is right. Now, I prefer HP38 over E3 for 9mm pistol, as I find it has better recoil, not as hot and meters more consistently. I haven't had time to mess with a .40 load with HP38. I also had a few pounds of VVN340 left over and loaded a 124JHP with 4.9 grains for a PF 138. That load worked very well, but due to lack of local supply and no measurable performance issues between the VVN340 and HP38, I'm sticking with HP. JP PCC's are typically slower than other barrels. Your 14.5" will not present the same issues I faced, but I'd steer towards a mid range to slower powder. The IMR chart shows VVN320 at #24, HP38 at #28 and VVN340 at #37. A lot depends on what you personally like in terms of cycling, recoil and dot movement.
  6. Gio, the velocity in my barrel was a bit slower than other PCC's that I've shot including a JP PCC. No big deal, just need to change up my powder selection. 135ishPF or a bit higher was the sweet spot for me while shooting a friend's JP. I went with the 16" barrel due to my preference for a longer barrel and heavier weight out front. I'm probably in the minority on that. I shot registered skeet and preferred a 32" K gun that was heavy. It prevented me from over swinging on targets and forced me to pull the gun into my shoulder. I find a similar set-up helps me in PCC.
  7. I have several JP's including a brand new, very basic, stock GMR-15 16" barrel. My opinions on the options are based on .223 and .308 versions of JP rifles in various configurations. I agree with Trace on the heat dissipator, high cool factor, but marginal use on a 9mm. I've found negligible difference in throat wear between two JP .223 rifles, one with and one without a dissipator. But, I'm sure the next one I buy I'll fork over the money for it. The CTR upper is super cool, but I've seen no difference in performance between a CTR and the regular upper. I tried a side charging model with a rolling trigger and never cared for either. I thought I'd be faster and more efficient with the SCR, but never saw any benefit. I was ambivalent about the rolling trigger. I ended up selling that rifle. I'm debating magwell selection. If you find one that works well, please post it up. Have fun, mine is a tack driver. Very slow barrel, but a tack driver.
  8. I can't speak to TG and WSF, but E3 is easy to obtain and cheaper than N320. I think it burns as clean or cleaner than N320 and accuracy is dead on. I use it in .40 with Blue bullets and Montana Gold, and actually prefer it over N320 for pistol. I have a little N320 left and will load up some PCC rounds for comparison. I just can't see N320 measurably outperforming E3. Lack of local N320 availability caused me to try E3 and I won't be going back.
  9. I bet that load is on the money with the shorter barrel and lighter bullet. I imagine I'll see 135ish with a 3.9grain charge. Have you run any 147 grain bullets? I haven't had the opportunity to shoot more than a dozen rounds of 147 thru a JP and don't recall a noticeable difference. I have a old stash of 124 bullets I need to load up before making a new order.
  10. Despite 6 straight days of 105 degree or hotter temps, I needed to chrono some loads for my new JP GMR-15, 16" barrel. Today was only 103, plus I had a little shade to work with. All the info is the average of three 10 round strings. 124 RMR bullets 3.3 grains E3 H 995 L 912 Avg 956 ES 84 SD 23 PF 118 Too slow, no recoil. 124 RMR bullets 3.5 grains E3 H 1035 L 985 Avg 1011 ES 54 SD 15 PF 125 Still slow, no recoil, slight improvement. 124 RMR bullets 3.7 grains E3 H 1068 L 993 Avg 1040 ES 35 SD 21 PF 129 better, flat shooting, but need some more juice. I had a leftover White box of WInchester 124 grain round nose. H 1289 L 1218 Avg 1265 ES 71 SD 24 PF 157 too much, sight was bouncing around, definitely not a round or PF I'd go with. I think I'l go up to 3.8-3.9 grains and see where that puts me. PF of 135-140 seems like it'd be the sweet spot. The JP functioned flawlessly, trigger was great. Perfect weight and length for me.
  11. I like a heavier PCC rifle for the same reasons I like a heavy pistol and AR, it keeps me from over swinging on target transitions. I drive the rifle into the target much more efficiently and faster with a heavier setup and experience a much flatter shooting rifle. But, the flatter shooting is a result of my increased grip pressure due to the weight, as opposed to the increased weight alone causing a flatter shooting rifle. I shoot with a guy whose PCC setup is as light as possible. I'm all over the place with his rifle, and he says mine is like moving a club, Different strokes.... As far as recoil management goes, weight doesn't matter for me in a PCC I can't discern a noticeable difference between a light gun and heavy one when shooting the same round. Again just for me, recoil management in a 9mm PCC is more about proper stance and grip than rifle weight. Personally. I prefer a heavier gun. I think finding the right round/rifle setup that is flat shooting is more important than weight.
  12. Get on the wait list for Dallas Pistol Club (DPC), http://dallaspistolclub.com/ it'll go much faster than the stated wait time. The closest place to you is probably Proactive Defense at I35W and FM1171. Other options are much further out, ETTS and TDSA have great set ups, probably an hour drive south from Lantana. Mission 160 is northeast of you , around an hour or so. For the OP, in addition to the USPSA matches noted earlier, DPC has steel or action pistol matches 3/4 weekends and Elm Fork range http://www.elmfork.com/ has steel/hybrid matches the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from roughly to 6p-9p
  13. Great info guys! OP sorry for the post derailment.
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