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  1. Thank you. Six years military, all else with the Federal Aviation Administration. All of it hasn't been fun, but every bit of it has been interesting.
  2. I will be eligible to retire early next year. As I said, I aint bragging, I'm just looking foward to my release date. Mind you, I'll probably stick around 'til September '08 out of sheer meaness, greed and because I work with one of my best friends, but, it sure will be nice to know that if they p**s me off, I can say "see ya!" I'll be 51 when I go in '08, with 32 years of total federal time. I plan to practice and shoot matches like a madman, then win High Senior at the IDPA Nationals. Scott Warren, you're mine! ps please nobody tell him I said that....
  3. I worked on that first, starting about a year ago, and managed to get to the point where both of my hands are still when I shoot. Perhaps by isolating my trigger finger I am removing any remaining hand action.
  4. Anyone on this forum shoot last weekends CA State Match in Chino? I heard that they were giving out FTN's on dissapearing targets....any truth to this rumor?
  5. Went to the range yesterday and concentrated on pulling the trigger with the tip of my finger only, and........ I shot the best, right-on-the-money groups I have ever shot. Shot my G34, my Kimber and my G17 with the Advantage Arms .22 unit on it, and the bullet holes appeared where the front sight was! Put 14 of 15 shots in the headbox of an IDPA target, strong hand, at 12 yards. How many frickin' times had I heard "use the tip of your trigger finger" before this? Hell, I can remember my dad telling me this many moons ago. I've even had training classes where my left-leaning shooting was noted, but not diagnosed. "use the tip of your finger"....who knew? Now I gotta work on using it all the time....
  6. I'm a left-shooting unit also. I will try more pad tomorrow and see how I do. I think my Glock trigger exacerbates the problem because of its "creepiness". I shoot less to the left with my Kimber, probably because the crispness of the trigger doesn't give me time to pull left.
  7. A fellow employee just emailed the attached photo from her phone. It is one of our coworkers at the Las Vegas Appoach Control (10th busiest in the country) in the breakroom, cooking soup. In a complete chefs outfit. White pants, white jacket, poofy white hat. Try not to worry about it.
  8. I'm intrigued. Plain ole white rice that you buy in 50 lb bags at costco? Then you add some liquid car wax? How long does it last?
  9. Those wishing to sign an online guestbook can do so here: http://obit.lanefuneralhomes.com/obit_disp...s&listing=Found Also, Curt Nichols, CSO of the Standards wrote a nice memorium that will be in the Tactical Journal.
  10. George Norton, one of the crew that SO'ed the Standards at the last few nationals, passed last week. George was a 5th SF Group vet and a very nice man. It was my pleasure to know him and share a bottle of rum with him and the rest of the Standards crew as hurricane Rita came to visit after the last shot was fired this year. Thank you for your service George. God Bless and rest in peace.
  11. That heavy division guy that had the kick boxing skills was fairly impressive (don't remember his name). Anyone who can knock down a guy 6'7" with a kick is bada*s in my book..
  12. down0


    Whew, I thought ya'll meant Vin Deisel or maybe Shaq Deisel. Let's see. If Coco Chanel was in charge and the price of perfume went up, would we be surprised?
  13. I do understand the idea of being "born again" as Mortenson's character talks about: that despite our past sins, we can move past what we were and become something new......BUT.....he reverted to what he was in order to protect what he became. So, had he really changed? On a related note, when did William Hurt start to suck as an actor? The whole freakin' movie sloooows to a crawl when he appears and starts "acting".
  14. Just finished watching "A History of Violence" and I can't decide what I think of this movie. Anyone else see it?
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