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  1. Thanks for the kind words folks. My Team of staff did a fantastic job making my vision a reality. I learned a lot from this match about how to make it even better for next year. Dont worry about classic targets for next years match either. I never liked them in the first place and staff hates scoring them more than you hate shooting at them. one stage with them was too many. BillD
  2. Indeed. "Intent" is a dirty word for stage design. I decided since the "Wobble Box" pretty well covers you not being able to operate outside of my "intent" I left the surf board out to be used as the competitor found best for them.
  3. Both are covered under the same rule. 10.2.1 Since the components of both the wall/door combo and the "surf board" are mounted to and attached to fault lines they are all considered within the shooting area and can be touched and used for support. While the "surf board" initially looks like it doesnt qualify, it would never pass an arbitration.
  4. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear, and I apologize for getting you all defensive. I'm not trying to second-guess what y'all did, but just talking about the subject in the abstract. I wasn't talking about people who were 'affected' by weather, but people who were denied the opportunity to finish an event they had contracted for. I don't think it's unreasonable to consider trying to make up for that. Obviously you do, and that doesn't bother me. I don't know enough about the specifics of this particular event to comment further than to say I think it's reasonable to at least talk about it rather than categorically dismiss the idea. I've given people free entry to their next match when we've had a snafu of some sort (but it's only a weekly steel match, so not really the same thing as we're talking about in this thread). Sir, we do not offer a refund to no-shows. I will not offer a refund to someone who shot 8 out of 9 stages and chose not to show up for the remainder of the match (for whatever reason) Per the rules we did everything required of us. There was no win-win solution for some of the competitors. For that, i am sorry. This is not a business, it is a volunteer sport. We do not get paid for our services. Both the RM, myself and all of the staff at the event take time from our personal lives to put an event on the ground for your enjoyment. The money paid into the even goes solely to support all of our efforts and to improve the VA/MD section. If this were a business and you were interested in "making money" then you would consider that old adage "the customer is always right". In this sport, the rules are always right and if you want to make an appeal you go to arbitration. There was absolutely a chance for any competitor that felt the call was wrong they could have put their money up and called us out. there was 16 hours in the match day of Sunday to do so. Since that did not happen, I have figured out three very important things about this thread. 1. some people need to find a place to vent their feelings. 2. next year will have a weather clause 3. the "unfollow thread" button is in the top right corner. have a great shooting year and I hope to see everyone shooting Alphas
  5. or if the stage has been rendered unsuitable or unworkable for any reason, Weather conditions that affect the safety of the stage and make it unsafe would apply in this instance. Also, as I said, offering the shooter the option to come back is NOT an answer. You offered them the option to shoot the match in 1 day, If you weren't going to honor that, you shouldn't have offered it, Shooters cannot be held responsible for acts of God, or your shortsightedness as a MD. Totally wrong call, IMO. The stage should have been thrown out. I will be glad to add acts of od to my foresight projections. Thanks
  6. 2.3.6 If the Range Master (in consultation with the Match Director) deems that climatic or other conditions have, or are likely to, seriously affect the safety and/or conduct of a match, he may order that all shooting activities be suspended, until he issues a resume shooting directive. The resume shooting directive could only be given the following day. 2.3.4 pertains to making changes to a course of fire.
  7. Remember without the convenience of the nook it used to be months before a 300 shooter match had any results at all. We are all adapting. Leaving on the last day of the match before anything is torn down expecting to read the final results on the way home has a long way to come. I personally notified everyone via registration email and social media of the current results and how to handle errors. This is the only process I am aware of for conducting scoring. If there is a better way it will be assimilated. Thanks again.
  8. I am the MD for the match in question and I want to be very clear, the only changes being made to the results are the "official scores" being updated to the posted scores available. In this high technology erra it appears people expect perfection from an imperfect process. The posted scores are for the convenience for shooters to find errors and ask for corrections. The OFFICIAL scores are the paper copies we sign after each run. They are better known as backup sheets. Since they are the only copy with a signature they are the official scores. The declared power factor and division is clarified at chrono and throughout the match by ROs. When a clerical error occurs in the digital scores we retreat to the official papers to make corrections. That is where we currently are with the match results. Repairing the clerical errors. We need specifics when we are asked to make corrections. We follow up a request by reviewing the official scores and this takes time. Here is an example of a recent communication with a shooter and staff. "There was no score recorded in the Nook for E. [Redacted] on stage 8. I found the paper backup: 34.15 18A 8C 1M Done. Stage 6 is a DNF, I'm guessing you were rained out and did not come back to shoot." I will make any reasonable requests for transparency available to those that desire it. Not understanding the rules and process can cause uncessary confusion. thank you.
  9. I am the MD for this match and it was indeed a safety call. There were nearby lightening strikes, I winds and heavy rains. Two or three bays flooded completely to where the fault lines were under murky water. Shortly after clearing the range a large tree fell near the shooting area on one bay. We made the option to finish shooting after waiting a reasonable amount of time for the weather to lighten up. It did not let up and dusk was upon us. The option to shoot the following day was provided and many took advantage of that. While a shooter might feel the risk for them is worth finishing a stage it was our responsibility to ensure the safety for everyone. Including the 40 staff in attendance. I am sorry you did not get to finish but this was extraordinary circumstances.
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