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    Who here uses it? what's you're favorite 5.56 and .308 loads? Anyone using it for 6.5cm or 30-06?
  2. All I have reloaded for is bottleneck rifle cases. I have recently gotten everything together to load .40S&W on my 550b. I'm really looking forward to not having to do all of the brass prep that military rifle cases require. Here's my issue. I have started trying to decide what bullets I would load and I'm a little confused/overwhelmed. What's with all the coatings? Maybe I've looked at too many and have paralysis by analysis, idk? Can someone give me a rundown of the difference and pro's/con's of each, please? I tried searching and didn't really find what I was looking for. I'll be shooting a S&W M&P and I have Titegroup and Bullseye powders. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help and easy to understand explanations of belted magnums vs. non-belted cases. I am using RCBS dies and set the 7mag the same as the non-belted(screw down until touching the shell-holder, then 1/4 turn more). So I'm assuming the 7mag die is made to head-space off the belt since I set it up the same as my others, but still had this happen?
  4. Lube: Yes. I use case wax, I keep it on my fingers and spread it over the case and neck rim. I bought the brass as "once fired", so in reality, who knows.
  5. About 100 cases in resizing mixed 7remmag I had one separate at the belt. First, how do I get the rest of the case out of my resizing die? Second, why did this happen? Third, what would you do with the rest of the same headstamp?
  6. Update: I tightened the shellplate and all's well. I've loaded about 100rd tonight and have been checking randonly. +-.1gr. I'm happy! Thanks for all the help!
  7. KyleC

    Roll Tide

    That's funny! I could've done without one of those, the other two are good.
  8. Thanks. This is good info for a newbie like myself. All I know is the failsafe rod.
  9. What Kirk said! When the shellplate is too loose the case can tip slightly and the case mouth hits the edge of the powder funnel instead of the center. When the powder funnel starts lifting dropping a small amount of powder, then the case mouth slips off the edge of the powder funnel and the powder funnel drops down slightly until stopped by the case mouth allowing the powder measure to refill before it starts moving again. This is exactly what's happening. I don't have time to try it out tonight but I did tighten the shellplate and it looks like this problem is solved. I'll know for sure tomorrow night, but I feel good about it!
  10. I'm not familiar with the old style. Please elaborate. Thanks!
  11. I'm going to check this tonight. I had loosened it some to keep it from snapping into place so hard. I was spilling powder out of my case but I was probably causing that, not the shellplate. By loosening it I probably caused the problem. "For every action...." Thanks for all the help and responses!
  12. KyleC

    Roll Tide

    I figured I'd get at least one of these. Oh well. Congratulations on a great game and season.
  13. KyleC

    Roll Tide

    I'm about 1hr east of there. I used to be in a hunting club close to Haleyville.
  14. KyleC

    Roll Tide

    No, I've not gotten in to matches, probably because I've never been to one. I need to check them out.
  15. I've got the correct shellplate and pins. .223 is the only thing I have for the 550b at this time. I'll check to make sure everything is centered.
  16. Ok, I'm not sure what the "wave washer" is. I looked on the side of my measure but didn't see anything that I'd call a "washer". The white teflon block is in place, but there is play in it. What it looks like is happening is that the mouth of the case is sometimes catching the edge of the powder funnel. When this happens the measure starts to move up and then the weight of the measure causes the case to slide on into the funnel, thus bringing the measure back down. This extra movement is causing a difference of 0.3- 0.5 gr. I has hoping to stay between 0.1-0.2.
  17. The press is a 550b. Checked the wingnut- all's good there. I've done the polishing. I haven't checked the washer mentioned. I will and report back. I am using the rifle funnel and it is in the correct position. Thanks for the help so far!
  18. Ok, I've got everything ready to go for my first large batch of 5.56 but I can't the powder measure/drop to be consistent. I think it has to do with how the brass contacts the powder funnel. Sometimes there is an extra jump/bump/clackity-clack, however you want to describe it, in the operation of the powder bar going back. This causes a difference of about 0.5 grain in the powder drop. Is this to be expected? Am I wrried over something I shouldn't be? I'm using TAC and the drop is 26.5gr and it happens if I go fast or slow, it just doesn't happen consistenly enough to set the powder bar for it. Sorry if I posted this is the wrong forum. Also, I searched but couldn't find anything dealing with my problem, so I'm sorry if this comes up every few days. This is my first post other than in the new member intro.
  19. Hello fellow shooters and reloaders! Roll Tide and happy shooting from North Alabama!
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