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  1. George Jones (RMI) answered a similar question VERY well about 4 years ago: Tag him for one or the other on those six shots, but not both. He's already losing 10 points for every shot fired ... Why would you want to hit him for 20 points each? Let's say he was also foot faulting (with significant advantage) ... Would you then apply 3 penalties per shot fired? (i.e., 30 penalty points for each 5 point potential shot fired) Let's get real. Each shot he fired was ONE ACT. He may incur only ONE procedural penalty for each shot. (Note: Scoring penalties for extra shots and/or extra hits are another matter ... See Chapter 9.) Hit him with the failure to reload penalty as that counts per shot no matter how many targets are available downrange and call it good.
  2. I've made this exact recommendation several times. IPSC removed the maximum location restrictions on short and medium courses about 10 years ago. I noticed two things: The sky did not fall AND courses became much more interesting. Contact your AD and push for a change!
  3. Correct ... Improper start position/condition. Stop ... Reset (as needed) ... Restart. Gentle chat with shooter ... RO kick himself for not being alert enough to notice!
  4. The question asked was "what should the RO CALL?" That is what I answered. If you believe a bump to Open makes less sense than a big time penalty I ask: Where were you when the rule were being drafted and subsequently posted for everyone to review? I can personally promise you no such recommendation was received or discussed. Folks, if you don't speak up, don't expect your ideas to be considered much less incorporated. FWIW, posting here does NOT qualify as speaking up. You need to contact your SC, AD, and/or DNROI to give the your suggestions.
  5. Asked and answered ... As to length: I don't recall there ever being a stated minimum or maximum length for bipods (or shooting sticks for that matter.) Assuming this was a PCC match, or just a PCC in a regular HG match, the RO should say nothing. If it's a MG match and the shooter had previously declared something other than Open, it's "Welcome to Open." (Though the RO really should have caught it BEFORE the shooter started the CoF!)
  6. USPSA Competition Rules (HG/PCC) are silent on bipods. I would opine, therefore, a shooter could use them on a PCC under those rules. (Note: Slings are specifically allowed for PCC.) Under the MG Rules, bipods are only allowed on a PCC if you are shooting Open Division.
  7. OK ... I know this is splitting hairs, but this is a discussion. Absent "boxes, fault lines, walls, or any other barrier" how did you specify the bounds of your shooting area such as to establish your "off-limits" area ... presumably while maintaining a minimum 2 foot separation?
  8. Question ... and this is a subtle point: How did you establish off-limits lines without using fault lines? (
  9. I can't remember my password at the moment ... Silly me! Make sure you're logged in, go to the member's area and you should be able to find it.
  10. For those who think barring this (or any person) from a match using this rule (6.4.4), please remember you are required to report this to USPSA HQ within 7 days per 6.4.5. Be prepared to explain why you did it and be ready to answer some questions.
  11. However … They ARE prohibited in Production, Single Stack, and Carry Optics. (See the appendices for those divisions …)
  12. About 2-3 years ago, IPSC started a program called MISSIA … Master International Shooting Safety Instructors Association. You can find information on it here: https://www.ipsc.org/missia/ Their stated objective is: MISSIA was created to establish a structure for the accreditation, recognition and maintenance of International Shooting Safety Instructors. It ensures that IPSC Instructors are the best trained, the best qualified and the best prepared to establish a uniform worldwide standard for training IPSC sports competitors. [Emphasis added.] If I remember correctly, Mike Foley (President USPSA) completed this course in Jamaica during the Pan American Championships back in July 2018. You may want to see what he thinks of its content and format and how it might be adapted to resolving the noted issues of the subject at hand.
  13. One would have to see the actual stage, but I would be potentially concerned about unsafe shooting angles and violations of 2.1.4.
  14. Based on experience as RM at several L3s, 2 L4s, and having worked 3 World Shoots, DQs tend to be more numerous at the beginning of the match. Forgive the bluntness, but the chronically unsafe (and the occasionally stupid) shooters tend to earn their DQs early on ... typically in the 1st half of a match. Call it Darwinism, if you like. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a "Day DQ." ALL DQs are for the WHOLE of the match. It is NOT Double Jeopardy ... It is DRACONIAN. It's supposed to be draconian! Again, this is by design. If you're so concerned about DQ'ing at a major match, the recommendation has already been given: Work on your safety until it is second-nature. Then go shoot the match and don't worry about it. Those who have to obsess about safety generally don't shoot to their full potential ... So work on your safety issues and focus your time and energy at the match shooting your best!
  15. One of the reasons our sport has such an incredibly good safety record is based in our strict application of disqualification for safety violations. It doesn't matter if it's your first stage or your last. It doesn't matter if you've invested $10 in the match or $1,000. It doesn't matter if you're a D shooter or a GM. Commit a safety infraction (per the rules) and you forfeit everything. It's draconian for a reason.
  16. Never said it was terribly effective. Seems the Army brass didn't quite know what to with the new Army Air Corps. The only thing they saw for them was observation ... So they were not armed. The aircrews started taking fire from German aircraft and didn't like not being able to shoot back. They started carrying anything ... Rifle, shotgun, handguns. They discovered low capacity didn't work for aeiral combat. Long story short, some mechanical type made some 50 round Mags for the 1911 and put 2 or 3 on each side of the observer's seat. Still not wonderfully high in the reliability/effectiveness department, but it was a beginning. The Army brass finally woke up and put machine guns on aeroplane's. The rest is Air Force history ...
  17. I seem to remember reading that 50 round Mags (you read that right ... FIFTY) were available for the 1911and used in arieal combat during WWI. They weren't reliable or terribly effective ... but they existed and were employed. The "Special Conditions" quoted refer to the firearm, not the capacity of the magazines. Magazine capacity limits are addressed elsewhere in the appendix.
  18. See Appendix D5, at the end: I'm reasonably certain the wording above prohibits what you propose … JMB did NOT design the 1911 with a double stack capability. (Browning Hi-Power, yes. 1911, no.)
  19. I wish I could feign surprise. But I just heard Germany has cancelled Oktoberfest this year. Now DAMN! That's serious!!! I can do without a lot of things, if I must. But this hits where it hurts!
  20. A long, long time ago in a place not so very far away, there were ROs who tended to exercise their "good judgement" with or without the ability to support their call with the rules. They would pronounce "That SHOULD be a DQ!" and summarily DQ the shooter … despite there being no clear rule stating it was a DQable offense. (Similar situations existed with penalties.) They would "shoe horn"* the call into some other rule that had - at best - a vague tangential relationship to the "offense" at hand. We had a term for them. They were referred to as a "Range NAZI." It was NOT a pretty or endearing term. Over the past 2 decades or so, the DNROIs (Amidon, now McManus) and the RMI Corps have worked VERY hard to change that situation through closing loopholes in the rules and better training of ROs through the NROI. I, for one, am very pleased to see the results of those efforts have largely succeeded. There are, unfortunately, some folks who still want to hold the title ... Folks … USPSA is a NATIONAL sport whose existence depends on one set of rules, consistently applied, at every match in every state of the country. Local rules and interpretations are simply NOT acceptable. If you don't like the current rules, or you think they can be improved, get in touch with your Section Coordinator and/or Area Director. Get the rule changed or clarified. DO NOT go off on your own making up what YOU think they should be. A competitor from anywhere in the country MUST be able to go to a match in any other part of the country and EXPECT the rules are the same everywhere. To do otherwise is a disservice to the shooter. \Rant Mode[Off] * Credit to RMI George Jones … I hadn't heard this phraseology until you used it. Thanks - I like it!
  21. gnappi Forgive my delay in response. I was a little busy over the weekend and this is the first chance I've had to dig into the rules in order to properly answer your question. For your reference, I have worked the US IPSC Nationals 5 times as RM and twice been the RM for the IPSC Pan American Championships. I am also the only currently active IROA RM in the US … While you cannot take my opinion as an "official IPSC response," at least it's an informed opinion. Based on your OP, I see no problem with the configuration you describe. I base this on IPSC Appendix D4 Special condition 17. The key wording here, in my opinion, is "for a specific model." Should your gun be questioned during an equipment check and you can show me (likely from the OEM's website) that the parts you substitute are an option for your specific model, I would almost certainly approve it for use in Production. Remember - The onus will be on YOU to prove it's legal … not on the RM to prove it's not. Your comment on magazines is covered under different rules (#8 and 9), but what you propose to use is no problem. Just remember, the maximum rounds loaded for IPSC is 15 whereas the USPSA maximum is only 10. Unlike waktasz, I make no assumptions as to which matches you choose to shoot. Ignoring any implications of COVID-19, there are two scheduled IPSC matches in the US for 2020: The US IPSC Nationals in Frostproof, and the PanAmerican Extreme Open in New Smyrna Beach (both in Florida.) Given your location there are also a wealth of IPSC matches throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America which may be of interest to you. See the IPSC Match Calendar (https://www.ipsc.org/ipsc-matches/ipsc-match-calendar/) for a complete list, worldwide. Good luck and Good shooting!
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