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  1. Not terribly surprising ... Pete was a member of the USPSA committee that wrote the current set of USPSA MG rules which were recently released. He had access to ALL of the draft material used to develop those rules for the last two years.
  2. Larry I guess I'm out of the loop somewhat ... I didn't know there was anything in particular going on in G.F. Can you send me some information on the club, range location, matches, etc.? Mike Minot
  3. And here I would have called him MUM ...
  4. Good to know, thanks. Perhaps it MAY be time for USPSA (etc.) to rethink the holster ... But clearly not universal. See the following: http://www.guns.com/2016/04/20/swiss-army-adopts-serpa-despite-safety-issues/
  5. Mike I used a Serpa holster for a while in both SS and PD. I stopped using it as it made me nervous ... pretty much for the reasons you seem to outline. That was a personal decision. As a RM, I would be somewhat reluctant to invoke 5.2.6 for this holster ... Unless: - Multiple instances where such accidents have happened - Likely followed by a manufacturer's recall of the product. (Not likely ...) - A ruling or advisory from USPSA (or perhaps some other high-level organization such as the NRA) recommending against using this holster. (Again, not likely ...) - Some other authoritative and reasonable reason for me to prohibit a popular and (when properly used) perfectly safe product. We play in a risk sport ... To call it otherwise does it a disservice. * (* Borrowed from Warren Miller on the topic of skiing ...)
  6. THANK YOU! Someone else who recognizes that a functioning gun and a little practice will get you further than all the stupid gaming tricks in the world!
  7. OK ... I've checked my gun at home and I know I've got my full 2 oz to spare ... I put 1.5 oz in each mag to achieve what we're talking about and still have .5 oz to spare. That's roughly the equivalent of 4-5 extra rounds of 9mm, from a weight perspective. And I would still meet Division requirements.
  8. Then, I think, you would probably bet wrong. There's no effective way to prevent a shooter from adding weight to the bottom of his 10-round mags to achieve the same effect without using ammo to do it. I suspect, though I don't have this on certainty, it was to provide a strong disincentive against shooters who would overload, use the extra rounds, and hope the RO didn't catch it.
  9. Remember ... I merely pointed you to this rule. I also stated I think using in this manner may be a little thin ... But it would be the RM's call.
  10. Technically, although it is generally by firing too many rounds that a shooter gets caught, the rule actually states one cannot have more than 10 rounds loaded in any magazine at the start signal. Hence, if you have a 17 found mag, fully loaded, fired 8, and the RO found it on the ground with LOADS of ammo in it, the rule says you go to Open.
  11. The ONLY thing I can see that may give the club credence on this issue (i.e., disallowing the Serpa holster) is 5.2.6. However, I think that may be a little thin ...
  12. Or - Use 10 round mags. Mags can be up to 171.25mm for a SS gun in L or L10. Point is, it doesn't have to become a paperweight. Take it to the range and have fun with it. If you're not having fun, you're probably doing something wrong!
  13. Sounds like a really good excuse to buy a new gun!
  14. Yes ... I love it! It takes a bit of time to become accustomed to it and to figure out how to use it efficiently, but it gives me a thourough workout in 30 minutes a day with low/no impact and minimal risk of damage to joints and tendons. At 51, that's an issue for me! My son is 20 and simply sets it higher and/or adds additional weight to allow him to exercise at a more insane level.
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