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  1. Uhh ... No. Point of fact: You WANT your calibration ammo to be slightly sub minor to ensure a minor load at 125 will work. Reference: Appendix C1, #2.
  2. I've known Jay far too long to have intrepreted what he wrote as wanting to mandate something like that. I read it as a suggestion that you could use or not. However ... You and I are clearly on the same page with the above!
  3. Again, and for the record: I have long maintained that so long as USPSA no longer has the IPSC 3-2-1 mix requirement, and given that IPSC dropped the maximum number of locations/views for short and medium stages some time ago, the most sensible thing for USPSA to do is to totally eliminate the distinction between S/M/L courses. Simply declare something like the following: Courses of fire must not require more than 32 rounds to complete. Course design and construction must not require more than 8 scoring hits from any single location or view, nor allow a competitor to shoot all targets in the course of fire from any single location or view. Let's face reality ... This is in fact what USPSA does anyway!
  4. Herein is what I believe to be an error in your logic. The game is a maximum 8 round arrays. Far too many designers take that as a license to always set up 8 round arrays. This is a disservice and, frankly, somewhat boring. What Jay did was to give examples of how to break things up differently. You don't have to follow his exact examples. But I would encourage folks to try to avoid the tendencey to design virtually everything in groups of 8!
  5. The closest rule I can find, based on the description, would be 10.3.5, and that clearly does not apply here.
  6. I've mentioned this in person to at least 4 ADs, the Pres, and the DNROI. As virtually everyone designs and shoots long courses I don't think there's much interest in improving short and medium courses.
  7. The other thing IPSC did right, about 10-12 years ago, was to eliminate the silly restrictions of no more than 2 locations for short courses and 3 for medium courses. That really opened up the ability to make these courses more interesting. I wish USPSA would consider the same!
  8. The original impetus, as I recall from 25 or so years ago when I first came across them, was they were less prone to blowing over in high winds. Additional benefits included they were much lighter and way cheaper to make. Later, it was decided they improved visibility for all concerned making the game safer and more fun to watch.
  9. That's up to the match organizers. Contact them.
  10. Yeah ... I read that too. I'm still waiting for him to point out just where in the rules it says a cross-draw holster is prohibited. (Shoulder rigs, usually on the weak side, have been prohibited FOREVER ... for obvious reasons!) I do agree, a cross-draw setup is a HUGE invitation to breaking the 180 during the draw or holstering, but it CAN be done safely. As evidenced by the exception for holsters with an FBI cant, the 180 is neither the Alpha nor the Omega with respect to holster position. Were I to actually see a shooter come to the line with his holster in a cross-draw position I have NO idea what rule I could cite telling him he cannot do this. I WOULD watch him like a hawk during holstering and drawing, but outside of that I see nothing in the rules giving me grounds to do much of anything. As I stated previously, the only reference I can find in the rules to a cross-draw holster is in the glossary defining what it is. If Troy wishes to have it banned he really needs to convince the BoD to approve a rule that makes that clear. JMHO
  11. Not necessarily THE specific model revolver I was thinking of, but here's an image of the type grip I had in mind:
  12. Good point. For a more obvious example, examine the "heel of the butt" as it would appear on a S&W Revolver with a round-butt type grip. That can be rounded all the way down the back to below the bottom of the butt.
  13. The ONLY reference to Cross Draw in the rules is in the glossary: There is no reference, which I can find, declaring use of such holster as prohibited. However, as others have stated, you are at serious risk of the 180 when you holster or draw. CAN it be done safely? Certainly ... But it's frequently a time-waster and has fallen out of favor for that reason. The only person I remember using it routinely was Walker ... But that's Hollywood.
  14. This is also why I am starting to see a trend, more and more, to intentionally NOT line up the scoring perfs on top of each other. It's much easier to get consistent scoring when there is separation between those lines.
  15. I'm sorry, but I have to state you could not be more wrong. If you TRULY believe this then go shoot your 627 against other "C" class shooters in Open. (This assumes they are as competent in "C" Open as you are in "C" Revolver.) You will likely have your head handed to you in a basket. That said ... I 100% appreciate and support the concept of shooting what makes you happy. Select ANY gun you want, shoot it in ANY division for which it qualifies and HAVE FUN! I fear too many folks have lost sight of the "fun" aspect of our sport. FWIW, I seem to remember Jerry Miculek one year shot his 627 in Production at Nationals. I don't recall what year it was, but the match was in Vegas that year. I absolutely 100% guarantee you, HE DID NOT FINISH LAST!
  16. Thanks Jodi ... I knew there was a picture SOMEWHERE, but I couldn't find it in the rulebook so I just quoted the rule.
  17. 5.2.7 Competitors must not be permitted to commence a course of fire wearing: A shoulder holster or “tie-down” rig (visible or otherwise), except as specified in Rule 5.2.8. A holster with the heel of the butt of the handgun below the top of the belt, except as indicated in Rule 5.2.8 for Law Enforcement/Military duty holsters, and approved by the RM. All handgun divisions must comply with this requirement. The "heel of the butt" of the handgun is the bottom portion of the backside of the grip, near the magwell opening. If in doubt, check with the CRO or the RM before the first time she shoots to ensure she's in compliance.
  18. There has been a comprehensive review of the major differences between IPSC and USPSA prepared and submitted for publication in Front Sight. It missed the cutoff for the March/April edition, but I suspect it should appear in the May/June issue. A follow-up article for PCC is in the works.
  19. OK ... I've got to ask: Has anyone ever actually seen this happen, or is this discussion purely academic?
  20. What was it Uncle Ronnie said? Oh yeah ... Trust, but verify!
  21. Yeah ... But 9 times out of 10 the WSB will require you to use the match-provided flashlight and nothing else. It sort of levels the playing field that way.
  22. Try one of these attached to your shirt or belt ... Orfos | Home
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