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  1. Agree with MustangMan on the handguard. Check out Aero Precision Atlas S1. Quality stuff...I have one on an Ar15 and one on a Ar10. If you're looking for a good brake, I've had great luck with my DPMS Miculek brakes....and the dont break thebank.
  2. Called Hiperfire and sent a couple emails. No return call or email. I did install it with my KNS pins which seemed to alleviate the grinding. I let my springs st home, so I'll have to wait to complete. Fingers crossed.
  3. Correct. Maybe this is a newer model as it only came with 2 sets of springs and the toggle arms are already assembled onto the toggle yoke.
  4. Just recieved my 24C and tried install on my PCC lower (AR style with mag block, standard milspec safety and supplied pins). Install seemed to have went well until function check. Hammer did not drop. Reviewed install instructions, checked troubleshooting guide online and watched install videos. Tried 2 different lowers. Same thing. I noticed a small burr or flash ridge on the bottom of the hammer. It polished off easy with 400 grit paper. I used a sharpie to try locating where its grinding. Seems as if the lower surface of the hammer is grinding on the forward surface of the trigger to the point that at times, the trigger will start to fall, with assistance then stop mid stroke. The grinding is noticeable without toggle springs installed and worse with them installed. Any I doing something wrong here? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. 24.6gr of R15 and 77gr SMK going 2680 working good for me in 18" Wylde. LC brass and WSR primers. I have been keeping OAL at 2.26 +/- .005 as its already a bit compressed.
  6. I have the melonite. I love it. I've got probably 8k-9k rounds on mine if I had to guess. I'll run a bore snake through it every 600ish rounds and if I'm feeling bored, I'll actually rod and patch it...and I don't feel bored too often. While I don't shoot for groups, I can tell you my 55gr are spot on. Past 300 I shoot 69 SMKs and have no problem hitting Larue and IPSC/USPSA sized steel targets at 500....when I'm doing my parts of course. I'd go with the melonite and not look back. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. Here is what I found out. I ordered and received a 10.5" PSA upper complete with "hybrid" bolt. I put it on my SBR lower with Promag block. The two do not play well together....unless you're interested in malfunction clearing drills. What appeared to be happening is that the PSA bolt was pushing the ejector out of the way on the back stroke. Several times, the spent case would stay attached to the bolt face. Repeated cycling would not eject the spent case. The brass has a nice scratch alond side the case pretty much confirming the ejector was rubbing the side of the case and not making contact with the head/base of the case. Of course, I did not have a standard bolt and upper to compare it to at the time, but I did put the two side by side when I got home. It seems as there is a slight difference in the machining of the lower bolt surface. When I called PSA, it was almost as if the customer service rep was reading from a script. When I asked if a standard 9mm bolt would function in their upper, he said that it was "against company policy" to suggest trying that and that their uppers were "designed to work with their lowers" as indicated on their website. I took that as a green light to try a standard bolt. So I swapped the "hybrid" bolt with a standard ramped bolt and headed back to the range. It cycled 3 different 124gr hand loads and some 115gr Remmington like a champ. No issues as all. As a side note, I ended up using an AR10 spring and 4.6oz carbine buffer for the least amount of felt recoil. Comparing the actual uppers side-by-side, there is definitely some differences in geometry. When mating the PSA upper, with PSA bolt, to my lower, I would have to push both pins in at the same time. Pinning the front, closing, then pinning the rear was a no-go. So, it seems as if a Promag block will not jive with a PSA Hybrid bolt. I can't speak for any other block manufacturers. I will say that after 20 min wait on hold with PSA, that they did offer a full refund minus return shipping. So, there's my experience. Hope it helps. I can post some side-by-side pics if anyone is interested.
  8. My pistol load works great in my PCC. I'm loading 124gr Berry's RN on 3.2gr of Titegroup. I'm averaging 136pf with my G34, but haven't checked it with a 16" PCC. Recoil is light and I was able to tamp it down, slightly, with an AR10 spring and buffer. I'm hearing that the 147s are actually shooting well in the 16 inchers.
  9. That's what I am starting to believe also. I just want to make sure there's no compatability issues between the block and bolt before I give them $400. I'd have no use for a 10.5" upper that won't run on my SBR lower.
  10. I'm considering a 10.5" PSA upper to go on a SBR lower with what I believe is a promag block. The 16" on it now runs great with PSA mags other than the mags needing a tug to drop. The PSA uppers I've been looking at all say "to use with PSA 9mm Lowers designed to work with either Colt or Glock style magazines". Is anyone running this combo? Compatability/reliability issues?
  11. Good to know. I'm at $1.75 now with about 1/4" behind bolt latch.
  12. Not quite there as in? I'm contemplating a n AR10 carbine spring in mine as well.
  13. Not quite there as in? I'm contemplating an AR10 carbine spring in mine as well.
  14. 124gr BERB RN on 3.2 Titegroup at 1.125 shoots great in my G34 and 16" PCC. Keep it simple, find one load that runs good in both!
  15. Quick question on ghost loading. With a ghost loaded shell on the lifter, after the first shot, is another round ejected onto the lifter? In other words, if I ghost load, will I be able to load more without running the gun dry (minus last round in chamber)?
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