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  1. Usually inspect head stamps sort out (imi fm junk) decap, Swage 1x Winchester or N/T, then wash a batch(500 9mm/ 400 45 ) in a little dawn or tide, let dry overnight, tumble in corn cob media with nufinish polish for couple hours. Washing extends media life. The clear plastic peanut containers work great for storage. A light dusting with one shot in cardboard box and your ready to load.
  2. I only load 45 acp and 9mm so not having to swap press back and forth is a plus, only have to stock spp is nice. When you get a LPP mixed in and attempt to prime it just won't seat ( pockets to large) not a big deal. I mainly use federal case which seem to run very consistent length. Using coated bullets various powders and chromo to confirm results. Small pistol primers have been a good experience for me, many people avoid them making them easy to attain. If your just starting to reload this may be a good way to go.
  3. Sorry about that, 124 RN coated ibeji 1.145 oal 3.8 tight group 1100 fps es 27 sd 8 Coated bullets use less powder to achieve similar speed, less propellant and lead bullet may feel softer shooting. Everyones opinion differs experiment to find your personal preference.
  4. 124 RN jacketed Pdelta 1.145 oal 4.0 tight group 1078 fps ES 15 Sd 5 very common/ popular load 124 RN coated ibeji 1.145 oal
  5. Xdm 5.25 Springfield R/o 5.0 147 Ibeji FP WST 3.4 1.130 oal 130 pf @ 78 deg soft shooting very accurate current idpa load
  6. Nighttrain, I have not loaded 165, however a 147 FP ibeji coated bullet, 3.9 PP 1.130 oal runs 910 fps 22es/9sd temp 76 out of 5" R/O accurate and soft shooting. I prefer this combo to tight group. Power Pistol is a very versatile powder, check out Hornadays 9th edition reloading manuel ( 9mm section). I read the link above from S/T seems to be pretty accurate info. At the end of the day its your personal preference or perception of how the load works for you, experimenting is the beauty of reloading (safely of course) have fun with it..
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